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There are many things you need to keep in mind when selecting dining room furniture – the shape of the room, how often you plan to use it, whether you enjoy hosting large gatherings with many guests as well as style and affordability. No matter what room in your home you are looking to design and decorate you want to select furniture that is comfortable, looks timeless and stylish and will ultimately last. There are so many materials to choose from when looking at dining room furniture, and each one has different benefits to offer as well as weaknesses – this means that the final decision comes down to your unique style, budget and needs. Two of the most common choices that people look at for dining room furniture are wood and metal. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both options and then we’ll share tips on how to select the right furniture for your dining room. 

Wood Dining Room Furniture

Tuscany Breakfast Nook Dining Room Set

Wood furniture presents a classic aesthetic that can stand the test of time and has remained popular through many years and changes in design trends. Whether you are looking for a vintage dining room set or a modern design you are sure to find numerous options to fit your style and budget. Wood dining room sets are very sturdy and offer incredible durability, which means that they can be used for years without losing their form, function or appeal. Solid wood dining room furniture is typically the most expensive type of furniture, especially if you choose a solid wood dining table. It’s easy to maintain, extremely durable and easy to repair. However, one thing to keep in mind is that wood is a natural material and it will expand and contract with heat, humidity and cooler temperatures, which can result in an uneven texture. If you don’t maintain your wood furniture properly it will also show wear and tear and scratches from regular use. 

If you are lusting after a trendy, modern wood dining room set, but you can’t justify the price tag or you are nervous about wear and tear, then you can look into alternate options to solid wood like veneers. 

Metal Dining Room Furniture

Royal 5pc Dining Room Set Room View

Metal is multi-functional when it comes to its use in modern dining room furniture, however it is mainly used as a table base rather than a tabletop. Metal tables are not susceptible to humidity or changes in temperature the way that wood furniture is, which means it will stay solid for many years to come. Metal dining room furniture also doesn’t show wear and tear or scratch as easily as wood, so if you have pets or young kids, you’re more likely to get more use out of this material than wood. If you’re looking for a more affordable dining room set, you will want to explore options that combine wood and metal materials as these tend to be less expensive and you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds. Modern manufacturing companies and furniture designers offer metal furniture with different colors, patterns, designs, fabrics and upholsteries so you can have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

So, when it comes down to wood or metal – what’s better for dining rooms? Ultimately the decision is entirely up to you and you can always mix and match materials for a unique design that fits your budget, style preferences and needs. Both wood and metal furniture offer great performance when it comes to strength and durability and both are known for being timeless and resilient. If you’re looking for a more classic aesthetic in your dining room, then a solid wood dining set might be the perfect option. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly and modern design, then you might want to look into a dining room table with a metal base. You can also mix and match options by pairing a wooden table with metal dining chairs. Mixing metals and wood is a modern design trend that can turn out beautifully when it is done tastefully. 

No matter what your preferences or budget may be, you can find the perfect dining room set at Nader’s furniture stores and showrooms. If you have any questions about our furniture selection or if you need design help, please contact us and take the time to explore our inventory of metal and wood dining room furniture. We look forward to helping you design the perfect dining room for you and your family!

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