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Adding fabric into your design aesthetic is a great way to showcase color, patterns and charm. Playing around with fabric while you decorate can soften a room, make it feel cozy and complete your desired aesthetic. Fabric is simply defined as any woven material – where different threads come together to create one larger piece of material. There are many selections to choose from and picking the right fabric to create style in your home may be your most time-consuming décor decision.

The most prominent fabrics used in home décor include:

Accent Chair in Navy Blue Fabric

Here are a few ideas where you can easily incorporate fabrics to create style in your home.


Leather sofas have always been a popular, luxury option for many people when furnishing a living room area. But others may prefer to purchase a fabric option, which generally is considered to be more comfortable than leather for several reasons. Fabric is softer, warmer and doesn’t need to be “broken in” the way leather does. Additionally, a fabric sofa opens up way more design possibilities because you have the freedom to choose from different textures and colors and you are more able to customize your sofa for your unique needs and wants. 


Curtains are a wonderful way to utilize using fabrics to create style in your home. When choosing curtains, consider the mood that you are trying to achieve in the room. For a formal dining room, you may consider velvet or a heavy, rich silk. For a casual, light and airy feel you may consider linen, soft tulle or a crushed velvet. Many of these fabrics are dry clean only, and you’ll want to take good care of them so that they last. Cotton curtains will work with any type of décor and will bring a clean and crisp feeling to any room in your home. When choosing colors or patterns for your curtains, keep in mind the rest of the décor in the room. If you feature patterns in the room then select a solid curtain, if your room primarily features solid colors then play around with patterns. 


Whether you are hanging a rich tapestry on your wall or wrapping a canvas with a pretty fabric, you can add color, texture and an eye-catching design to your space by incorporating fabric as a form of art. Depending on your design and color preferences, you can play around with different combinations of fabric to create a unique and interesting arrangement. 

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the ultimate design accessory! You can have three or 30, and alternate between them for an instant revolving makeover. You will also often see themed and holiday inspired throw pillows that you can incorporate into your home for seasonal spirit. Most throw pillows feature tightly woven fabrics, like cotton and linen, which allows for fun prints, geometric shapes and exciting color palettes. But you don’t have to be limited to these fabrics, you can also find throw pillows that are soft, fuzzy, shiny and more, it all depends on your taste. The rule of thumb to selecting the right throw pillows and fabrics to create style in your home is to pull color from a piece of art in the room and tie the decorative pillows into that color scheme. 

Table Décor

Including placemats, tablecloths or runners as part of your table décor can add really a little extra something to your dining room. You can use a variety of shapes, sizes and colors when selecting placemats, and even use seasons and holidays to inspire the types of fabrics you choose. 

The main thing to remember when using fabrics to create style in your home is to pick something that you love and that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you’re ready to add new furniture to your home, visit our showrooms to explore our current inventory. We have a wide selection of leather and fabric sofas and accent chairs, which are sure to add some flair to your home décor!

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