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The world of interior design is endless and constantly transforming with new trends, new materials and new ways to add personality to your home. There are many different ways you can design and decorate every room in your home with furniture, paint, accessories, décor and so much more. But today we’re going to talk about one of the most versatile materials available in design – fabric! Whether you are playing around with throw pillows or creating statement making tapestries to hang on your walls, there’s no limit to how you can use fabrics to create style in your home and beyond. 

You don’t have to be a tailor or a professional interior designer to use textiles in your home, all you have to do is understand and select the right fabric for your unique preferences and needs. Looking at fabric samples in a catalog can be extremely overwhelming and also difficult to visualize, but what you need to remember is that mixing and matching fabrics and patterns can create a very unique and elegant look. Keep reading for information on a few popular trends and how you can use fabrics to create these styles in your home. 


The retro look is back in style and you can find many casual and fun fabric prints to convey a classic retro feel in your home. To complete a vintage look pair graphic patterns with brass accessories, wood toned accents, eclectic tables, mid-century mod furniture and plenty of plants.

Bold & Bright

Bold and bright prints are very chic, and they promote genuine feelings of happiness. If you’re going for a clean and glam look then you can pair bold and graphic prints with colorful or neutral walls, bright whites, modern and clean accessories or textures and other patterns. 


The farmhouse look is very in right now and believe it or not it is a very simple look to achieve. This look consists of many neutrals in greys, taupe and whites on casual woven or linen looking fabrics. The farmhouse look is traditional, light and airy and promotes feelings of comfort and warmth. The best place to use fabrics to achieve a classic farmhouse style is in curtains, furniture, upholstery for accent chairs and decorative throw pillows. For a very authentic farmhouse design you will want to incorporate white washed wood tones, clean lines, white paint, burlap and natural elements like plants. If you choose a very bold fabric for your curtains or sofa, then we suggest more neutral and classic tones for the rest of your décor, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. 


Classic prints have been updated with modern flair and are increasingly becoming more trendy. A combination of modern and traditional design gives you the flexibility to incorporate the best of both worlds for a unique and timeless design aesthetic. To achieve this look can use any shade of fabric and pattern on any surface of your home as long as you pair it with bright white woods, polished metal finishes and crisp and clean wall colors. 


The boho look is a very natural and earthy trend that comes and goes but seems to be trending right now. This style is a combination of tribal prints, natural colors and a modern take on prints from the 1970s. When using fabrics to achieve a bohemian style you’ll want prints that are relaxed and laid back. To complete the boho look in your home add wicker baskets as décor, plenty of greenery, vintage accent chairs, warm wood tones and maybe some unique wall décor. 

The best way to mix in patterns in interior design is to use them in at least three different places throughout your home so you can create continuity. When you are planning out how to use fabric in your décor, unless it’s a statement making piece, you can use it as window coverings, upholstery or smaller accent pieces. You can also pull from the colors in your fabric and apply them to accessories, furniture and other items in the room to create a cohesive color scheme anywhere. 

Using fabrics to create style doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming, and you can start out small with a few throw pillows or an interesting curtain. Once you have a good idea of what you want your design to be then you can start playing around with incorporating fabric throughout your home. For more interior design news and inspiration check in with our blog often and make sure to visit our showrooms to find the finest furniture, décor and accessories to complete your next project. 

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