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Whether you need to outfit an additional guest room in your home or looking for bed solutions for your new vacation home, we’ve got you covered. No matter where your vacation home is located – the beach, a cozy cabin in the woods or smack in the middle of the desert – this is your sanctuary to get away from real life and to spend time with your loved ones. The best way to select furniture for your vacation home is to find good quality furnishings that offer multiple solutions and will last for years to come. The most important furniture to look at for your vacation home is bedroom furniture. The number one question to ask yourself is how many people will be sleeping at this home at one time? If you have a big family, then you need to offer various sleeping solutions to ensure everyone gets a good night’s rest. If your vacation home is purely reserved for you and a significant other, then you will likely enjoy a bigger bed. Here is a short list of the top ten beds for vacation homes to take into consideration when making your purchase decisions. 

Twin Bed on Top Full Bed on Bottom

1. King Bed

A king bed can easily sleep two adults or two to three children. If you can fit at least one king-sized bed in your vacation home, then that room will surely be the one everyone fights over. If you have the room for a California king bed, that’s even better! A California king bed is longer than the typical bed, but it does offer some extra space to move around. If you are accustomed to sleeping in a king bed at home, then you will definitely want the same level of comfort when you are on vacation. 

2. Queen Bed

A queen bed sleeps two adults or two children, and these are usually just the right size for any room. If you don’t have the space for a king-sized bed in your vacation home, then you will definitely want to purchase a queen-sized bed for the master bedroom, and maybe even the guest room(s), depending on how many guests will be joining you. 

3. Full Bed

A full bed sleeps one to two adults or two children – this type of bed is the most popular for guest rooms, especially if you have lots of friends and family who will be joining you. For the most part, a full bed is too small for a couple to sleep comfortably, but it is perfect for two kids to share. 

4. Twin Beds

Twin beds are pretty small and take up very little room, which makes them perfect for children. You can fit two twin beds in one guest room to allow two children to share a room, or you can push them together to turn it into a king bed if you have more adults staying at your vacation home. 

5. Bunk Beds

Another great option for guest rooms are bunk beds, which will allow you to accommodate more people in one room. A single bunk bed will sleep two adults, or two children and two bunk beds can sleep four adults or four children. Bunk beds are a wonderful and comfortable solution to provide sleeping accommodations for many people at once.

6. Futons

A futon that features a pull-out bed is a very functional way to maximize space in your vacation home. If the main bedrooms are occupied a futon is a great solution for additional guests. 

7. Murphy Bed

A murphy bed, or a wall bed, is making a big comeback. This type of bed is a great space-saver, is available in various sizes and is usually more comfortable than a pull-out bed. 

8. Roll Away Bed

Hotels heavily depend on roll away beds to accommodate guests. A roll away bed can usually sleep one to two adults or children and is a great bed for smaller properties that need to provide extra sleeping room. Once you’re done with it you can easily put it away in the closet or garage. 

9. Sofas & Couches

If all the regular beds in your vacation home are occupied, additional guests can always hunker down and get cozy on the sofa. This is why it’s important to invest in a comfortable couch that can be enjoyed during the day, but also serve as a backup sleeping solution should you need it. 

10. Air Mattress

Air mattresses are always a good option to have on hand at your vacation home in case you are hosting more guests than you have beds for. While air mattresses are not the most comfortable sleeping accommodations, it’s better than sleeping on the floor!

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