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PU breathable fabric power gliding swivel recliner with led light

Reclining chairs, or the recliner, has many other names and has been previously called an armchair, chaise lounge and super chair among many other things. This chair has a very long history and has been used for years as a necessity in man caves, particularly for sports. You may be interested in learning that this living room staple is not only the most comfortable option to lounge in, but there are actual health benefits associated with using it. Reclining just a little bit after a long day will instantly begin to take pressure from your lower back and allow your lumbar muscles to relax. Check out the top four benefits of using recliners before you make a final decision on the type of sofa or chair you want as a part of your living room. 

  1. Relieves Stress & Aching Joints

One of the biggest reasons for chronic back pain is physical and mental stress. Mental stress can lead to tension headaches and debilitating migraines that can really knock you over, while physical stress from sitting upright or having bad posture will cause muscle strain. Additionally, swollen and stiff joints are extremely uncomfortable and can make a negative impact on your overall health and lifestyle. Recliners help with all of these conditions! The main purpose of a reclining chair is to function as a stress reliever since we naturally lean back when we are trying to decompress. The recliner makes it very easy to lean back with additional support, and if you choose a chair with a built-in massage function and a heating pad, then you will really enjoy an indulgent experience. If you suffer from arthritis and deal with achy joints, you can count on your recliner to correct the angle of your joints in way that decreases the aches and pains. Surprisingly, there are some recliners that are designated as medical equipment!

2. Improves Circulation

Poor blood circulation could result in heavy feet and swollen joints, which is usually caused by long periods of inactivity and either sitting or standing in one place. The problem is that gravity has a strong effect on blood flow and over time blood will settle in the lower body, which can lead to clogged veins that swell and become very painful. A recliner is a wonderful solution for this use because it can help redirect blood flow. By simply elevating your feet as you lean back into a comfortable chair that reclines you are doing good for your body by ensuring your blood circulation is healthy. 

3. Better Posture

Believe it or not, a reclining chair is highly recommended for better posture. A recliner helps to ensure that you do not harm your body with poor posture even if you sit for a prolonged period of time. Recliners are manufactured and designed to provide excellent support and comfort over extended periods of time and are equipped with features that are beneficial in preventing bad posture and other spinal deformities. When you tilt backward and elevate the legs it helps to distribute your weight over the surface of the chair so that excess pressure on your neck and spine is reduced.   

4. Extreme Comfort

A recliner offers the best support and comfort while sitting as well as making it easier to stand and get up out of the chair, which is very beneficial for young kids and older adults. Considerable improvements in the furniture industry have made it possible for reclining chairs to provide a wide variety of positions for users to enjoy, many are even available with a remote control that makes it easy to complete movements of the chair in many different directions. Whether you are enjoying a snack, taking a nap, reading a book, having an important conversation with friends and family or simply lounging around, you will be able to select the position you find most comfortable – lying flat, sitting up straight, semi-reclined or anywhere in between.  

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a very comfortable chair can not only be your best accessory while binge watching your favorite Netflix show, but can also work wonders to help improve your overall health with the flip of a handle or the push of a button. Whether you are looking for an individual recliner, a love seat recliner or a full living room setup of reclining chairs we’ve got you covered at Nader’s! Our recliners seamlessly blend comfort, class and practicality with high tech features and optional upgrades at a very affordable price. 

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