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In today’s modern world, websites and services like Airbnb, VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner), HomeAway and numerous other sites allow people to book lodging during a vacation that isn’t a hotel – are becoming increasingly popular. Airbnb alone claims more than two million listings of vacation home rentals worldwide, and users are renting these properties for days, weeks and months at a time. Personal home rentals are convenient, affordable and enjoyable options when traveling away from home. Whether it’s a family enjoying quality time on vacation together, a group of friends looking to get away and let loose or a business person who prefers to stay at a cozy home versus a hotel room when they travel for work, there is no shortage of guests looking for vacation rentals. 

As it is with hotel amenities, the first thing that a guest will notice is whether the bed is comfortable. Lumpy, uncomfortable and smelly mattresses are a huge turn off, and a terrible night of sleep will surely be mentioned in a review. 

Whether your vacation home has two bedrooms or ten, it’s important to provide a range of different beds, in varying sizes to accommodate multiple guests. You will often see listings on vacation rental sites that say three bedrooms, sleeps ten guests. Check out our recommendations for the top 10 beds for vacation homes, and what we think will help maximize your space. 

  1. Bali Panel Storage Bed – King

This gorgeous kind bed is ideal for a master bedroom! Clad in rich beach wood solid panels, this bed will bring a sense of tranquility into the bedroom with soothing ash-grey tones while providing ample storage space. This bed is equipped with six large drawers, providing enough space to welcome guests for a couple of weeks. 

  1. Marino Panel Bed Frame – California King

This stunning bedroom set will bring character and finesse to your vacation home. Affordable luxury is the name of the game, and this set brings sophistication, glitz and comfort that will impress your guests, and they won’t want to get out of bed in the morning. 

  1. Ava Storage Platform Bed – Queen

Our Ava collection is a beautiful transitional set that is composed of solid wood and reinforced with steel, full extension roller guides on all drawers. Providing additional storage is always a bonus, especially if you tend to rent out your vacation home to guests who stay for a few weeks at a time. This set comes in a queen, and like we’ve mentioned before, it’s important to provide beds of varying sizes to accommodate more guests. 

  1. Bunk Beds

If you are renting your home out in a prominent area, we encourage you to include bunk beds in one room. This style of beds is ideal for families with young kids, or groups of young adults who are looking for a place to stay with their friends. 

  1. Crib

It’s always nice to provide a baby crib, or bassinet, as an optional bed in your vacation home. You never know who may be traveling with an infant, and if you offer this amenity it will come as a pleasant surprise to the guests and result in outstanding reviews. 

  1. Air Mattress

It’s not uncommon to see air mattresses listed as “beds” at a vacation rental. It’s always a good idea to stash a good air mattress at the home and offer it as an amenity, just in case your guests feel they need additional beds. 

  1. Sofa Sleepers

If a large group is staying at your vacation home, odds are that someone is going to end up on the couch. Offering a comfortable couch, that doubles as a sleeper is an affordable way to include additional sleeping space. 

8 – 10. Full Beds, Twin Beds and Daybeds

Variety is key when choosing the best beds for your vacation home. You never know who your guests will be and what their needs may be. If you offer a combination of king, queen, twin, full or daybeds, you are sure to meet the needs of the group. When you offer a combination of wide and narrow bedding, you also open up your home to more guests and you’ll be able to accommodate a greater audience. 

In addition to offering an expansive selection of beds and bed frames, we also sell high quality mattresses, including memory foam. Outfitting your vacation home with the right mattresses and beds is key to successfully renting it out and working with satisfied guests. Contact us to learn more about our selection and let us help you pick the best beds for your vacation home!

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