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Is there anything better than lounging in a comfortable recliner after a long day? There’s no one that deserves some pampering more than Dad this holiday season, and if you’ve decided to buy Dad the perfect recliner then there are a few things you will have to consider before you make a decision. Even with the wide selection of recliner styles available, you have to consider more than just aesthetics when picking the right chair. You will have to think about the size, shape and fit, as well as what Dad will enjoy most about his new favorite chair. 

Ever since the recliner chair was introduced, it has always been associated with a high level of comfort. The reclining back and raised foot rest make it nearly impossible to find a recliner that doesn’t offer even a moderate amount of comfort. In addition to size, shape and fit you will also need to think about the design, fabric, color and function of the recliner. Here are a few suggestions and tips to take into consideration when buying the perfect recliner for Dad this holiday season. 


Do you know where Dad will want to store or keep his new recliner? Depending on the size of the room that you are planning on adding to, there are various size options available when choosing a recliner. Most people opt for a single-person recliner, but there are also options for love seats and full-size sofa recliners. Be sure to measure the space and the recliner you select before you finalize your purchase. Some recliners need as much as three feet of space to fully recline, while others only need a few inches, so pay attention to the model you choose. 


One of the first decisions you will need to make when choosing a recliner is what fabric you prefer. With elegance, modern style, sophistication and a variety of textiles and leather, there is no shortage of versatile options to choose from. Do you want leather, fabric or microfiber? The most popular choice tends to be leather, which offers a sleek and upscale look and feel. Leather is traditionally the most expensive fabric option, some alternatives to consider include microfiber, which is easy to clean and does a great job of mimicking other materials depending on the color and design.


There are three main types of recliner chair options available. The traditional recliner can either sit up straight or recline, and the person sitting in the chair will have to pull a lever or press a button to transition from one position to the next. A rocking recliner combines rocking motions with the traditional functionality of a recliner. Finally, a push-back recliner moves back without a switch or button – you simply have to use your own weight to push back the seat into a reclining position. Think about which of these options Dad will enjoy most.

Extra Features

Many recliners today are available with various extras that are built in to the chair. Some fun additions include built-in cup holders, refrigerators, heaters and massagers. You can also explore options for chairs to provide complete body support including lumbar support. It’s up to you to decide which of these extra options and features are worth your money, and what Dad would prefer or enjoy the most. 

Consider Longevity

You want your Dad’s new recliner to last a good, long time. Keep in mind that a comfortable chair that is good quality will cost more. The right recliner will provide years of comfort, support and joy – so make sure to choose the right materials, fit and finish for guaranteed enjoyment and longevity. 


The price of the recliner is a big factor when buying a new chair. If money is no object, then you can opt for a leather chair with all the bells and whistles. If you are on a budget, we have some incredible options at Nader’s that are very wallet friendly. When picking a recliner on a budget you have to prioritize, what is more important – having a leather chair or a chair with a built-in massage function? That’s for you to decide!

After all of this, if you are still having a hard time finding the perfect recliner for Dad, you can always choose a classic piece that will complement any style and stand the test of time. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect gift for Dad, stop by one of our showrooms to view the current inventory and to chat with an expert who can help you find the right match. 

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