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Flowers and floral patterns have the power to add some life and a fresh ambiance into any space, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Incorporating florals tastefully can really make it feel refreshed and adds a unique charm to the room that is being decorated. Using floral patterns in decor and accessorizing with flowers doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have fresh cut bouquets in vases, there are various tasteful ways to incorporate florals into your home.

Floral design is a trend that may have a bad reputation based on how it was used in the 80s – some may say that a space decorated with floral patterns feels and looks dated. Fortunately, modern designers have found creative ways to refresh floral design so that it feels renewed, open and looks beautiful. 


Wallpaper is making a comeback in the décor world, and floral wallpaper is not tacky and dated like it once was. Today’s designers are gravitating towards more dramatic and bold floral statements. High quality floral wallpaper will feature moody colors and eye-catching statements that will easily spice up the walls in your home. Look for a floral pattern that speaks to you, but also doesn’t clash with existing furniture, décor and accents. 


One unexpected way to tastefully incorporate florals into your home is to install a romantic backsplash featuring soft flowers. A kitchen backsplash is the perfect canvas for a beautiful mosaic! Step away from the tried and true subway tile trend, and instead incorporate a tasteful white mosaic featuring floral design scattered throughout. 


We all agree that old-school floral patterns are a modern day no-no. Feminine floral bedding, however, in bright, bold colors can really breathe some life into your bedroom. One way to take advantage of this new trend is to look for floral quilts with bold, multi-colored patterns and use them as decorative bedding accessorized with various throw pillows. Your pillows can either match the bedspread, or opt for solid colors that complement the colors of your bedroom. 


Flowers have been transformed into art for centuries – whether it’s a painting, photography, sculpture or other medium. Whether you choose to frame multiple sketches, install an impressive gallery wall or commission an artist to paint something directly on the walls, flowers as art are sure to make an impression and transform your home. 


Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you incorporate florals into your home. While fresh cut flowers are a wonderful way to accessorize your home, it’s not sustainable to always have on hand, unless you maintain a garden. Adding in a decorative mirror with floral accents, a garden themed coffee table book, floral throw pillows or floral placemats are an easy way to incorporate this budding trend into your home décor. 

Indoor Gardens

Traditionally, most people will plant and maintain outdoor gardens adorned with various flowers, decorative stones, water features and more. It’s fairly easy to put together a small indoor garden with colorful and fresh flowers that will add a splash of color to your home. It’s important to look into what types of flowers will survive and thrive in indoor conditions, and position your indoor garden in an optimal place within your home where the flowers will receive plenty of natural light. Additionally, you may also consider adding succulents to your indoor garden as these types of plants are very easy to maintain and take care of. 

Outdoor Floral Décor

When thinking about tasteful ways to incorporate florals into your home, don’t feel limited to indoor ideas. A beautifully maintained outdoor garden is lovely, but you can also have florals decorate the outside of your home. Think about vines on the walls, a colorful bougainvillea on a decorative arch or potted, sweet-smelling florals in hanging planters near your front door. 

Decorating and accessorizing your home is an ongoing and never-ending project. Trends come and go, and after a couple of years many of us start to look for a change. If you’re looking to update the look and feel of your furniture or the décor in your home, stop by one of our showrooms for live inspiration. Our store is a family owned business and we’ve been following furniture and decor trends for over 60 years! Contact us if you have any questions about our inventory, or if you need help in making a selection for your home. 

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