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Is your basement, attic, garage or storage area cluttered and unorganized? Many of us will use our dedicated storage space to put away all kinds of items and junk, and chances are that you could always use some additional storage. The first rule of staying organized is to do a little bit at a time often, this ensures that you won’t have a big mess to tackle all at once. But, if you’re already past that point then no need to despair – it’s totally possible to tackle your basement and spend one weekend to get completely organized. Here are some tips and tricks for storage solutions and how to fix up your space and keep it nice and tidy always. 


The first step for this project is to declutter and clean the space. Clutter holds you back and getting rid of items that are just taking up space is going to feel so liberating and satisfying! Chances are that you have stuff that you haven’t seen or used in many years – you’ve probably even forgotten that it exists. As you get ready to clean out your storage area set up different bins that will help you decide what you are going to keep, what you are going to throw away and what you will donate or sell. As you go through your items ask yourself these questions to help you determine how you are going to decide what to do with it:

These questions will be helpful as you go through your belongings and decide what you would like to do with them. This step might be the most time consuming of your organization project, but once you are done it’ll be pretty easy to put the rest of the items away.

Make a Plan

Before you begin putting things away, you should make a plan for how you plan to use your storage area. Separate this room into zones – storage, utility and living area. Depending on the size of the area then your belongings will be neatly stored away, you can make space for a workspace if you need it and if space allows you can also create a comfortable living or entertainment area – it’s totally up to you!


Once you have decluttered and planned out your storage space, it’s time to put the remaining items away. The best way to do this is to purchase plastic storage bins and containers so you can easily see what’s inside. You can also use permanent marker to write directly on the bin or use a label maker to create labels, so you know what each bin contains. Many people have multiple uses for their basement, attic or garage – it can be a playroom, office, theater, entertainment nook or something else. If this is the case, then you may consider looking for storage bins that are more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. 

Shelves & Cabinets

Whether you choose to install floating shelves or cabinets, these will be vital to your organization. You can also purchase full size storage closets with doors so that once you organize your bins you can close the doors and keep everything out of sight. Make sure that you don’t pile containers too high up, or too deep, because it can make it difficult to gain access when you need them and be conscious of how you are grouping your bins. 

The key to staying organized and keeping clutter at bay is to pay attention to the things that you buy and being mindful of how and where you put them away. We highly recommend taking time once or twice a year to go through your closet, garage, basement, attic and anywhere else you put things away so you can declutter and make room for new items.  If you’re planning on organizing your basement then take the time to make an action plan before you begin – this will ensure that you complete your project quickly and efficiently with favorable results. For storage solutions, inspiration and assistance with your home décor projects please visit your nearest Nader’s showroom

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