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The Tuscany Breakfast Nook is the perfect addition to any compact dining space. Booth-style seating brings the whole family together with this beautifully crafted bench and table set. Beautiful smooth brown finish. Drop leaf corner covers the gap between the two benches to keep things looking neat. Open bench bottoms provide room for storage. Bench seats also lift open to reveal hidden storage compartments for additional storage space.

Overall Product Dimensions: 66″L x 52″W x 36″H
Long Side Bench + Corner Seat: 66″L x 20″W x 36″H
Short Side Bench: 32″L x 20″W x 36″H
Side Bench: 46″L x 15″W x 19″H
Table: 50″L x 34″W x 29″H

Additional information

Weight 555 lbs


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