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Product Description

8.45 oz.


Rejuvenates leather’s appearance and leaves a renewed feel.


  • Gently, yet thoroughly removes soil and surface grime to keep leather and vinyl looking their best.
  • Maintains the original appearance, handle and durability.
  • Unlike many leather cleaning products, leaves no residue which can harm leather’s flexibility.
  • Contains no dulling waxes, oils, or additives often present in “all-in-one” cleaner/conditioners these can interfere with cleaning action and cause dirt to become trapped in leather.
  • Made exclusively for Guardsman® in Italy by a world leader in leather-finishing technology.


Not recommended for use on suede, nubuck and buffed leathers to avoid potential damage from over-application. To clean those leathers, use Guardsman Leather Cleaner Wipes.


For best results and long-lasting beauty, always follow up with Guardsman Leather Protector.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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