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Nader’s La Popular is more than a South Bay business—it is a veritable institution. Having laid the groundwork for his now famous string of furniture stores in 1956, Charles A. Nader was committed from his first hour of business to serving the larger community. Still family-owned more than sixty years later, Nader’s La Popular leadership has proudly continued Charles’ work. A few basic principles have guided our wholesome operation into the 21st century.

Above all, we value our customers’ trust and labor tirelessly to earn their lifelong business, never taking it for granted. Our competitive pricing, flexible payment options, our commitment to charity, and our belief that customer service trumps all—these business fundamentals have kept us prosperous and very much in line with Charles’ vision. We have every intention of staying the course and look forward to serving our South Bay brothers and sisters for years and decades to come.

Our Youth Wardrobe Closets

Storing clothing is a central purpose of any bedroom, and most house dressers and chests are designed for that very reason. A classy and functional bedroom addition is the wardrobe closet, which fits clothing, footwear, and various accessories. For bedrooms that are lacking in closet space, a wardrobe closet is ideal. In addition to being practical, it can also enrich the space’s aesthetic appeal. Nader’s La Popular recognizes the importance of keeping on-hand a solid inventory of wardrobe closets and does exactly that throughout its locations. Take a virtual look at our various in-stock models below and stop by a showroom for a closer inspection once you’ve found a unit to your liking.

40” Wardrobe/Storage Closet

At over 71” in height and 20” front to back, the 40” (side to side) Wardrobe/Storage Closet is spacious enough to accommodate a healthy assortment of clothing articles of all sorts. With its beautiful highland oak finish, this wardrobe and storage closet is cosmetically appealing and sits nicely with nearly any bedroom décor. The unit’s adjustable shelves and fixed upper shelf ensure your specific storage needs will be met. Give this one a close look when next you stop into a showroom.

47” Wardrobe Storage Closet

Standing 71.5” in height and measuring 20” front to back, the 47.5” (side to side) Wardrobe Storage Closet is a well-made, good looking, and highly practical bedroom furniture piece. The full-length door opens to reveal a high fixed-shelf just above the unit’s sturdy garment rod. On the opposite side is a partial-length door with two adjustable shelves. These shelves sit atop a pair of drawers which glide along metal runners and feature reliable safety stops. A tasteful highland oak finish suits it well for a place in bedrooms of all sorts and styles.

Beginnings Storage & Wardrobe Closet

Notably contemporary, the Beginnings Storage & Wardrobe Closet is also quite practical by any furniture standard. Standing at 71” in height and running 47” side to side, the 20”-deep wardrobe closet is suitably spacious for the storing of clothing, shoes, and accessories in reasonably large quantities. Although the Beginnings looks large, it could fit nicely in even a modestly sized youth bedroom. With two adjustable shelves, a firm garment rod, a pair of easy-glide drawers, and a fixed top-shelf, this is a dynamic and easily configurable closet for your young one or adolescent. The cinnamon cherry finish makes for a nice cosmetic touch. Priced reasonably, the Beginnings Storage & Wardrobe Closet is a wise purchase both financially and practically.

Storage Cabinet

Tall, lean, and deep, the Storage Cabinet is arguably a perfect furniture piece for its purpose. Given its narrow cut, the Storage Cabinet can be easily placed nearly anywhere without taking up too much space. The unit’s four adjustable shelves allow for a customized interior arrangement. These shelves sit beneath a stable top-shelf that has enough room to hold small or larger items. A highland oak finish attractively stains the piece’s wood exterior. Affordable and endlessly useful, this piece merits a close inspection by anyone looking to outfit their youth’s bedroom with a solid furnishing.

Nader’s La Popular Locations

With four locations in three cities, no South Bay resident is more than a short drive from at least one Nader’s La Popular operation. Showrooms populate Carson, Signal Hill, and Gardena. The last of these is also home to our Clearance Center/Warehouse. Whichever of these you end up visiting, we certainly look forward to earning or maintaining your loyalty.

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