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Nader’s La Popular has been in business for over sixty years. That’s a very long time for a family-owned business to keep its doors open, especially in a competitive industry. Serving three cities in the beautiful South Bay area, Nader’s La Popular has always prided itself on treating customers as extended family members. It is this commitment that has seen the company thrive from decade to decade since the mid-21st century. And that commitment that has seen Nader’s become a beloved hallmark of South Bay living. Founder Charles A. Nader– whose successive generations continue his good and worthy work– established a sterling precedent back in 1956. Well into the next century, that precedent stubbornly persists.

Our Youth Nightstands

Bedrooms vary greatly from one to the next in terms of size, style, and furniture arrangement. Even so, the basic requirements for a suitable bedroom are essentially identical across the board. Each room needs its bed and bed frame, its dresser and hamper, and, of course, a sturdy nightstand. With that in mind, Nader’s La Popular keeps a wide inventory of nightstands in stock for adults and kids alike. These come in distinctive styles and cover a pricing range broad enough to satisfy budgets of all sorts.

Below are listed a few of the popular nightstand models presently available throughout our showrooms.

Azalea Nightstand

A piece of 100% solid wood, the Azalea Nightstand is a well-made, durable, and good-looking furniture piece. Being of solid construction, the Azalea is does not emit formaldehyde. Furthermore, the piece is assembled using non-toxic PVA glue, which sits well with health-conscious shoppers. This piece is ideal for youth/adolescent bedrooms, as safety elements such as these are of importance. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Azalea is excellent in that its solid wood exterior can be sanded, painted, and finished to meet the buyer’s liking. Complete with a cup holder and felt-lined jewelry tray, the Azalea Nightstand is class and function bundled together under an affordable price.

Brianna Nightstand

Designed and constructed to accompany your child through his/her growing process, the Brianna Nightstand is a pleasantly conceptualized unit comprised of both wood veneers and wood solids. Finished in a nice-looking pearl color, the Brianna resembles period set piece in many ways, and does so without compromising anything in the way of function. Clover-shaped knobs are a clever touch, as are the reversible drawers which allow for a bit of aesthetic variety, one side being a beige faux leather in its color while the other matches the pearl frame. Priced economically, the Brianna Nightstand is the perfect finishing touch for your young one’s bedroom setup.

Daisy Nightstand

Angular, sleek, and functional in concept, the Daisy Nightstand is a testament to modern furniture design and changing sensibilities. With its clean lines and dark appearance, the Daisy is 23” in both length/height and 16” in width. This two-drawer unit is notably spacious despite its otherwise lean look and efficient cut. Rectangular silver handles and square feet complete the tight, boxy styling of this affordably priced, modern nightstand. Give the Daisy a close look when next you visit a Nader’s showroom. Available in both coffee and grey brushed finishes.

Denver Nightstand

The Denver Nightstand is classical and current at once. Categorized as a contemporary piece, the two-drawer Denver defies this description in at least one respect—its darkly finished walnut veneers which suggest a nod to bygone eras of handmade, long-lasting furniture. Its handle hardware is chrome in color and also speaks to both older construction methods and modern preferences. At 22” in width, an inch more in height, and 16” in front-to-back depth, the Denver has space aplenty within its attractive confines. This unit features a dark cappuccino finish and is priced to align with even the tightest of budgets. Make certain to give this one a close inspection when perusing our nightstand inventory.

Tami White Nightstand

With its modern design, understated crown molding, and lengthy, tapered legs, the Tami White Nightstand (also available in black) is difficult to overlook. Measuring 27” in height and 24” in width, the Tami features a slender, elegant look which suits adolescent bedroom setups rather well. Clocking in at a budget-friendly price, the two-drawer Tami makes for a purchase both attractive and practical in equal measures.

The Nader’s Difference

Nader’s La Popular is firmly committed to delivering a first-rate customer experience across the board and without exception. Stop in for a tour of any showroom and we will demonstrate the Nader’s difference every step along the way. Earning your business will be our honor.

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