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Headquartered in Gardena and present in three South Bay cities, Nader’s La Popular has long been an important business icon within its close-knit community. When Charles A. Nader first opened shop in 1956, the operation was small, the ideas were worthy, and the mission was clear: to create a one-of-a-kind furniture shopping experience. In that respect, Nader’s legacy is very much intact some sixty-one years later. Yes, the basic principles to which Charles stubbornly adhered throughout his lifetime have taken root in every successive generation of Naders.

No two furniture stores are identical, but many are similar in inventory, in retail layouts, and in their way of doing business. It is in the last of these– the way of business– that Nader’s La Popular has successfully distanced itself from competitors. Although competing showrooms may seem alike at first glance, customer satisfaction requires more than a pleasant product arrangement. Nader’s La Popular staff members hold themselves to a high standard of client care. This standard includes everything from fair pricing to the providing of numerous payment options.

Our Youth Headboards

Few bedroom furniture pieces exist with so dual a purpose as the headboard. This applies as much to youth bedrooms as to their grownup counterparts. After all, the headboard is undeniably functional in its concept and in its construction. In many designs, the headboard serves either an anchoring or a stabilization purpose and provides support for those inclined to sit up in bed. Headboards, being visibly prominent in most cases, are also ornamental fixtures. Much thought goes into their aesthetic qualities, with forms and styles ranging considerably from one model to the next.

Below are listed several Nader’ La Popular youth headboard units.

Barton Headboard

Adjustable to fit both full and queen-sized bed frames, the Barton Headboard is nicely designed and understated in appearance. Upholstered in a soft fabric, the Barton creates an inviting and comfortable sleeping surface. Very low in price, the Barton Headboard suits budgets and tastes in equal measures.

Blakely Headboard

Designed to blend in, the Blakely Headboard is camouflaged by its light-grey color and conservative design. The Blakely’s deeply scooped corners and button tufts yield a tasteful appearance. Additionally, its soft fabric makes the unit a comfortable addition to any queen or full-sized bedframe. Affordable in its cost, the Blakely Headboard will keep your bank account intact while enhancing your youth’s bedroom arrangement.

Glamourous Contemporary Headboard

Living up to every inch of its name, the Glamorous Contemporary Headboard is style and class through and through. Adjustable to either full or queen dimensions, the Glamorous is sharp in its cut and polished all around. With its leatherette upholstering, this 54” high headboard features diamond tufting and a “bling strip” exterior lining. It is available in both black and white. The Glamorous Contemporary Headboard is priced affordably, despite the regal look it radiates throughout every bedroom it comes to occupy.

Mabon Headboard

The Mabon Headboard makes itself quickly known to the unsuspecting eye. Hardily upholstered in a deep brown faux leather, the Mabon is sharp in its appearance and has a commanding quality that seems somehow timeless. Bordered in very dark brown, the unit’s rolling contours possess a crown-like silhouette. This enhances both the unit itself and the bed frame it accompanies. The Mabon aligns with almost any budget and promises to please both aesthetically and functionally. Make sure to view this one in person during your next showroom visit.

Odette Headboard

A blank slate of a furniture piece, the Odette Headboard offers understated excellence and supreme quality. Lightly scooped corners add a hint of flair, as does the nail-head trim, though neither takes precedence over the piece’s welcoming fabric. Designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of preferences, the Odette belongs in nearly any bedroom. At an affordable price, the Odette is worthy of a close look by shoppers looking to outfit their youth’s bedroom with tasteful simplicity.

Nader’s Community Outreach

Since early on in our history, Nader’s La Popular is deeply committed to improving the South Bay community. Whether it’s our work with local youth groups, our charitable contributions to the area’s disadvantaged and at-risk populations, or our longstanding work with City of Hope’s cancer research division. We at Nader’s are happy to be of service on the business front, but it is in giving back that our sense of purpose is most fulfilled.

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