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Now in its seventh decade, Nader’s La Popular enjoys a long, successful business run in the South Bay, CA region. This is a good stretch for a business, which has remained strictly family-owned since its 1956 founding, and the future ahead looks bright. If our success is attributable to any one aspect of the business model, it is in the relationships we actively cultivate with customers new and old alike. Trust and honesty are central to the Nader’s La Popular philosophy. These qualities we trace back not one year or twenty, but to the founder himself.

Charles A. Nader started something good and worthy when he opened shop those sixty years past. Yes, Nader’s La Popular is a furniture store and always has been. But Charles had it in mind that his store would be a community emblem, a testament to the strength of family bonds, a cornerstone of meaningful values within a competitive industry. He inhabited this way of thinking fully and firmly ensured his successors and their successors would go on to do the same.

We like to think that we come close to meeting the standard, but we’ll let you, our cherished customers, do the judging on that front. Visit one of our three showrooms and put our legendary service and first-rate shopping experience to the test. Our standing goal is to make of each customer a lifelong Nader’s loyalist.

Our Youth Full Beds

The full-size bed falls more or less in the middle of the mattress/frame sizing spectrum. It often populates spare/guest bedrooms, as it is neither space-intensive nor inadequate in its dimensions. Full beds are also commonly used as transition beds for young ones, as twin-size beds eventually seem to shrink as adolescent bodies continue in their inevitable growth. Regardless of your specific circumstances, Nader’s offers a wide-range of full beds for whatever room/space is in need of as much. Visit the website or one of our three showrooms for a look at our expansive bed and frame inventory.

Azalea Platform Bed

Featuring a full slat support system, the Azalea Platform Bed provides its occupant with an excellent sleeping surface—no box spring necessary. An adjustable headboard renders this brilliantly designed, two-toned, solid wood bed frame uniquely versatile from a furnishing standpoint. From our recycled packing materials to the responsibly planted and harvested trees uses in its construction, the Azalea is a Green furniture piece through and through. It is also reasonably priced and stylishly conceived. Truly deserving of close consideration by customers of all budgets and tastes.

Brianna Panel Bed

Consciously conceived of as a “transitional” unit, the four-poster Brianna Panel Bed is intended to accompany your young one throughout much of their growth journey. A combination of wood solids and veneers underlie the frame’s attractive pearl finish, which stylishly elevates this hardy piece of furniture. Hand-carved wooden legs and an ornate headboard effectively enrich this excellent bed frame and bring it nicely in line with even with the most discerning of tastes. Couple that with an appealing price tag and the Brianna might just beckon.

Charlie Padded Panel Bed

Virtually everything about the Charlie Padded Panel Bed speaks to the modern sensibilities that governed its design. A sleek, lean, and sharp appearance lend the Charlie a deserved element of sophistication which few panel beds are capable of equaling. The frame’s dark espresso finish coupled with the headboard’s tony leather upholstering create a richness of style which place the affordably priced Charlie Panel in a category of its own. Keep this one in mind for guest room outfitting; it’ll likely fit the bill.

Farrow Full Bed

Lastly, there is an essence of quiet refinement that flows forth from every glimpse of the Farrow Full Bed. It may be the unit’s slate grey wood or its softly rounded corners and edges, but the Farrow seems as though it is much more than meets the eye. The accented frame and generously spacious drawers contribute to the bed’s aesthetic and practical properties, both of which seem to defy the Farrow’s exceedingly budget-friendly pricing. Whatever you do when visiting your Nader’s La Popular showroom, see to it that you lay eyes on the Farrow Full Bed. It will amount to time well spent.

Nader’s Store Locations

With locations in three South Bay cities, you may be closer to a showroom than previously imagined. Stop by any of our retail operations and experience firsthand the Nader’s La Popular difference. We look forward to having you.

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