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It’s been a prosperous, eventful sixty years since Charles A. Nader opened shop in Gardena, CA. In that time, Nader’s La Popular has consistently set the standard for excellent retail operations. As a furniture store, Nader’s checks all the necessary boxes: wide variety, competitive pricing, financing options, et cetera. But Nader’s has taken things much further in establishing for itself a well-deserved reputation within the South Bay community. Family values are the lifeblood of our business, a truth we labor tirelessly to communicate via our good work and respectful customer interactions.

A visit to any of our three showrooms will quickly reveal what might be rightly regarded as the Nader’s difference. More than a mere retailer, Nader’s La Popular is a South Bay institution. Celebrated in the community for its unique, family-owned quality, Nader’s La Popular continues to thrive in a competitive marketplace well into the 21st century. As a result, our traditions will continue to guide our business practices for decades to come. We make that promise to our customers new and longstanding alike.

Our Chests

The chest is an important furniture piece in any home or bedroom. Often elaborate in their design, chests tend to be as ornamental in their application as they are practical. Used to house bed linens, books, valuables, and the like, chests are hugely useful from a storage standpoint. Given their size and sometimes central placement within a space, chests are frequently constructed with artistic flourish in mind. Nader’s keeps a terrific inventory of chest styles and sizes in stock throughout its showrooms. Finally, visit our website or stop by a store to view the varieties firsthand.

Bedazzled Five-Drawer Chest – Black

First off, a case study in the balance achievable between form and function, the Bedazzled Five-Drawer Chest is well manufactured by any measure and brilliantly designed in terms of its cosmetic aspects. Faux crocodile skin and artfully rendered silver handles create a credible veneer of sophistication, which is compounded by a rhinestone-encrusting of the latter. Priced affordably, this five-drawer chest is ideal for any budget and will enrich whatever bedroom it inhabits.

Brianna Three-Drawer Chest with Doors

Secondly, the Brianna Three-Drawer Chest with Doors enjoys terrific popularity due to its exquisite style and generous storage capacity. Furthermore, the wood veneers and solids are enhanced by a pearl wood finish, while the unit itself sits atop a set of four handsomely carved and slightly tapered legs. The unit’s three spacious drawers sit beneath a two-doored, shelved cabinet, making the piece ideal for any number of storage purposes. Surprisingly budget-friendly, the Brianna is an excellent piece and one worthy of consideration.

Louis Phillip Lingerie Chest – Cherry

Elegance and grace inhabit the Louis Phillip Lingerie Chest from its sturdy base to its well-crafted top. At over 4’in height and housing six drawers within that space, the Louis Phillip offers excellent storage capacity within its slender frame. The top drawer is felt-lined, making it ideal for the placement of jewelry and other such valuables. Finally, the deep cherry finish ties this piece together in fine style. Practical, beautiful, and affordable—the Louis Phillip is a choice unit by any measure.

Tami Black Chest

Finally, the durable, attractive, and modestly designed Tami Black Chest offers its owner a wealth of utility and makes for a splendid addition to one’s bedroom furniture set. The piece’s contemporary cut and sharp lines are housed beneath a regal crown molding. Emblazoning the Tami is a set of silver handles that suggest a certain timelessness to it all. Cost-effective, practical, and beautifully designed, the Tami is certainly a gem.

Nader’s La Popular Locations

Family-owned for six decades, Nader’s La Popular has maintained its South Bay presence since the mid-20th century while growing in measured fashion throughout those years. In 1956 Gardena, CA, the first Nader’s opened its doors to the public. Since then, the business has expanded to include locations in both Signal Hill and Carson, along with our Clearance Center & Warehouse not far from the Gardena showroom. Between those four options, most South Bay residents are within close driving distance to a friendly Nader’s store (or warehouse). Stop by a shop of your choosing—we look forward to having you.

Nader’s La Popular – Our Customer Commitment

The Nader’s business model is one of serving our community well, doing right by our customers at every turn, keeping our prices low, and earning trust every step along the way. Most of all, we recognize the importance of customer loyalty and value it immensely. This is true from store to store and promises to keep us serving you for decades to come.

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