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In 1956, Charles A. Nader opened the first of his La Popular showrooms in Gardena, CA. A hallmark of South Bay business prominence, Nader’s La Popular has long thrived in the region and enjoys the continued support of a wide and loyal customer base. The reasoning underlying this decades-long success has a little to do with good prices and great inventory, but far more to do with excellent customer service and an overarching sense of community involvement.

What separates Nader’s La Popular from so many competitors within the furniture store space is its customer-focused business ethos. Of course, a respectable selection of high-quality furniture pieces also goes a long way; but in the absence of excellent service, Nader’s would be virtually indistinguishable from any number of furniture retailers. And if anything goes without saying, it’s the fact that our good work speaks for itself. Visit any of our three showrooms throughout the South Bay area and experience as much for yourself.

Our Bunk Beds

If ever there was a more practical piece of bedroom furniture than the bunk bed, it has not made itself known in recent centuries. Bunk beds are space-saving in nature and the source of endless fun for young ones the world over. At Nader’s La Popular, we maintain a sizable inventory of youth bunk bed options, with several styles in stock year-round at each showroom, including both steel and wood frames. Whatever your bunk bed needs and/or preferences, we almost certainly have a unit to match or surpass your expectations.

Belle Rose Bunk Bed

A solidly constructed furniture unit from top to bottom, the Belle Rose Bunk Bed consists of basswoods, polar solids, and several veneers, all of which is cosmetically enhanced by a tasteful Bordeaux finish. Side-mounted gliding drawers provide considerable storage space for clothing, toys, bedding, and so on. Priced very affordably, the Belle Rose amounts to a good deal of bed for a good deal of a price.

Dorm Bunk – Loft Bed

Lean and efficient in its design and build, the Dorm Bunk – Loft Bed is quite apt in its naming. Ideal for rooms of limited space, the Dorm Bunk’s strong steel frame is as minimalist as they come, while also practical in its features. These include a built-in desk space and two-shelf book case. All of this is cleverly engineered into the unit’s 78.5”/42” of bottom bunk length/width. Intelligently maximize your finite square footage with a highly efficient Dorm Bunk – Loft Bed.

Espresso Twin/Full Angled Bunk Bed

A well-made piece of bedroom furniture, the Espresso Twin/Full Angled Bunk Bed is notably attractive in its appearance and visibly practical in its design. A mildly bowed ladder links solid wood bottom bunk with solid wood top and does so with ergonomics very much in mind. Added to this is a sturdy top-bunk railing that provides ample peace of mind for parents and sleepers alike. The pictured two-drawer base is priced separately and provides excellent storage for guest bedding and the like. Surprisingly inexpensive, the Espresso Twin/Full Angled Bunk Bed is affordable on virtually any budget.

Jazmine Heavy Metal Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

A trim and practical furniture piece, the Jazmine Heavy Metal Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed is intended to endure that heavy usage rightly associated with youthful adventure. A tough steel frame ensures the unit will hold-up well across the years, while its stable, laterally situated ladder allows for safe and swift movement from floor to top bunk. Priced favorably, the Jazmine Heavy Metal is a cost-effective bedroom addition which will surely stand the test of time.

Santa Paula Captain’s Bunk Bed w/ Trundle & Storage – Espresso

Designed and built for purposes of space optimization, the Santa Paula Captain’s Bunk w/Trundle & Storage – Espresso is both crisp in its appearance and clever in its concept. With a narrow cut, good top-to-bottom spacing, and several drawers, the solid wood Santa Paula is accommodating to both sleepers and allows for the storage of ample clothing, blankets, etc. A sturdy ladder joins top to bottom, while a firm railing keeps sleeping bodies safely aboard. This is an ideal piece for both youth and guest bedrooms.

Nader’s Community Outreach

Nader’s La Popular has long been committed to supporting worthy causes in and around the South Bay, CA area. These include youth groups and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of the economically disadvantaged. As a family-minded business, Nader’s has never lost sight of the importance a strong community plays in creating favorable circumstances for all. Visit the company website for more information about our various charitable activities.

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