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Now in its seventh decade, the sixty-one-year-old Nader’s La Popular has enriched the South Bay community with its time-tested presence since the mid-20th century. Charles A. Nader opened his doors for business in Gardena, CA in 1956. He may not have known with any certainty that his furniture store would long outlive him, but in passing on his values to future generations of Naders, he surely knew the business would be in good hands for so long as the doors remained open. Our loyal customers have experienced firsthand these essential values and return to the showrooms reliably for that very reason.

Our Youth Bedroom Sets

Though youth bedroom sets are important to furnish appropriately in terms of both age and tastes, the fundamental needs are virtually identical from one to the next. A mattress, a frame, a dresser, a mirror, and a nightstand—these are the core ingredients of any well-outfitted bedroom, whether for child, adolescent, or adult. There are space considerations to bear in mind, however, as youth bedrooms tend towards the smaller size in most home designs. Ensuring your children have all they need while both adhering to their style preferences and keeping room dimensions in mind can prove a bit challenging.

Fortunately, Nader’s La Popular keeps a large inventory of bedroom sets in stock throughout its three showrooms, as well as in its warehouse facility. Both high in quality and reasonable in price, these sets are suitably diverse to ensure you an adequate variety in your shopping experience. And while our team keeps each showroom location well stocked, certain units may be present in one store but sold out in another. If so, we will happily labor to pair you with the furniture piece of your choice.

Brianna Four-Piece Panel Bedroom Set

The Brianna Four-Piece Panel Bedroom Set is classical in its styling and beautiful in its construction. Hand-carved wooden legs betray the bed’s durable quality while nodding to a not-so-distant past, as does the fanciful headboard. In all, the Brianna is a treasure of bedroom set and one your growing family members will appreciate through and through.

Charlie Bedroom Set

With its modern, stylishly angular appearance, the Charlie is a sharp centerpiece for any young one’s bedroom arrangement. The wooden railings and low-profile footboard lend the set an agile quality that many find aesthetically appealing, while a tall padded headboard hints at the bed’s classical design and strong construction. Along with the excellent bed are the six-drawer dresser, the three-drawer nightstand, and a sizable landscape mirror measuring 58” in width.

Farrow Twin Bedroom Set

The very essence of design understatement, the Farrow Twin Bedroom Set is reserved in its look while being accommodating in its practical aspects. With its subdued slate coloring and lean framing, the Farrow bed appears to blend with and enhance its surroundings at once. Included is a tightly built nightstand, a spacious six-drawer dresser, and a 40”-wide mirror.

Louis Philip Cherry Four-Piece Sleigh Bedroom Set

Designed with antique sensibilities very much in mind, the Louis Cherry (also available in black) Four-Piece Sleigh Bedroom Set seems to have been plucked from the pages of royal history. A light curvature to its overall styling provides this sleigh-style bed with a period quality, and without compromising its structural integrity or overall utility. This youth bedroom set, which includes a tasteful six-drawer dresser (with mirror) and an unassuming two-drawer nightstand, is priced affordably and capable of enhancing any space it inhabits.

Pamela Four-Piece Panel Bedroom Set

A modest, well-built, gracefully conceptualized set, the Pamela Four-Piece Panel possesses a hotel-like look to it and combines nicely with any overarching household aesthetic. Short, sturdy legs and a thick, padded headboard correctly convey the bed’s hardy construction, while silver accented handles provide a polite touch of refinement to the accompanying six-drawer dresser and two-drawer nightstand. While perfectly suitable for a youth bedroom, the Pamela Four-Piece is also an excellent transition youth bedroom set; one into which your adolescent can patiently grow across the years.

The Nader’s Difference

Customer satisfaction is of central importance to the Nader’s La Popular way of business. Whether this means ensuring our prices are always competitive, keeping our showrooms populated with the current inventory, or adhering stubbornly to our ease-of-business commitment, Nader’s La Popular exists to create lifelong, loyal patrons. And with over six decades of sustained business operation behind us, it seems we’ve been doing one or two things rather well in that time. Visit your nearest South Bay location and experience the Nader’s difference. We’re eager to earn your trust.

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