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Nader’s Furniture stocks an assortment of high quality furniture for everyone in your family – even your children. Youth styles tend to be more streamlined than their adult counterparts, but there are plenty of options to suit any child’s style and any family’s budget. Take a look at some of our great furniture designed with your kids in mind.

Many popular furniture companies sell a line of youth furniture that will grow with your kids. Children grow so quickly that it often does not make sense to purchase a crib, toddler bed, and then day bed as the child ages. Buying a bedroom set that will grow with your child can help to limit the amount of money you will have to spend furnishing your child’s room in the long run. While these bedroom sets can be more expensive than other, less versatile lines, many parents feel that the initial outlay of money is well worth the long term cost savings.

The staple of any bedroom is the bed itself. Children’s beds come in a wide range of styles and sizes. These days you can find anything: bunk beds, loft beds with a built in desk area underneath the mattress, trundle beds, day beds, and traditional single beds.

Platform beds have increased in popularity in recent years. It is simpler, easier, and often cheaper to use a platform bed. Many platform bed models do not require a traditional box spring, making it easier to transport and assemble the components of the bed. These beds also have ample space underneath the bedframe, making it easy to add under the bed storage bins. Kids can easily access these under the bed storage areas, making them a great place to store toys or shoes. Your child’s belongings will be stored out of the way, but not in an inaccessible place.

Bunk Beds

Nader’s Furnitures stocks several unique bunk beds. The Belle Rose bunk bed includes a set of mounted drawers, giving your child extra space to store their clothes or toys. The Jazmine Heavy Metal line is one of our most durable bunk beds, with a steel frame that will stand up to years of abuse.

Daybeds/Trundle Beds

Day beds and trundle beds are a great way to ensure that you are always ready for overnight guests. Daybeds can double as a place to sit when they are not in use. Add a few stylish couch cushions and you will have an attractive addition to any living space. Trundle beds can be easily tucked out of the way until they are needed, meaning that you are always ready for an unexpected slumber party.


Another more affordable option is to purchase a standalone headboard. The headboard is arguably the most functional part of the bed – allowing your kids to prop themselves up to read in bed while also protecting the wall behind them from scuffs and scratches. These headboards can be added to any basic bed frame, giving the room an updated look without replacing the entire bed.

Bedroom Sets

Purchasing a bedroom set can be a great way to knock out all the key components of your child’s bedroom in one fell swoop. Every kid needs the basics: a bed, dresser, nightstand, mirror, and possibly a chest or wardrobe depending on the room’s available closet space. With a bedroom set, you will know that your child’s room with have a cohesive look with minimal effort.


Among other things, our selection of youth dressers includes a 6 drawer option that comes in black and white. Buyers have the choice of purchasing the dresser alone or adding a matching mirror. Other dressers come with a mirror already attached. Adding a mirror to the room is a great way to make the space seem bigger while also serving a practical purpose.


Nightstands are a popular addition to any bedroom. Many nightstands contain options with drawers, giving you additional storage space and helping to declutter the rest of the room. Nader’s Furniture has several great options, including the solid wood Azalea nightstand and the more modern Daisy nightstand.

Wardrobe Closets

Nader’s Furniture stocks an assortment of wardrobes and storage cabinets designed just for kids. This includes options with built in drawers as well as more affordable wardrobes with hanging space only.

With all the great pieces of youth furniture available through Nader’s Furniture, filling your child’s room with quality pieces will be quick and painless. Browse our website to learn more about our great selection of youth furniture.

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