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Businesses rise and fall, regardless of industry and location. And in the modern economy, larger organizations tend to crowd out or swallow up smaller competitors. With respect to both of those realities, Nader’s La Popular has defied the odds for decades. Founded in 1956 by the estimable entrepreneur Charles A. Nader, our furniture company has stood the test of time across three generations.

Family-owned and operated since day one, Nader’s La Popular has rendered itself a hallmark of the South Bay, California business community by way of adhering to the simple guiding principles established by Charles, Sr. himself. Of course, family is a pillar of the Nader’s business model, but enduring for six decades’ time requires a good deal more than a single guiding principle. Honest conduct and first-rate customer service are what place Nader’s in a brilliant category of its own, and what keep loyal clients visiting year after year.

What is Memory Foam?

Designed by NASA in 1966 and comprised of viscosity-increasing polyurethane, memory foam is a viscoelastic material that responds perceptibly to changes in body temperature, softening in response to heat and effectively molding itself around the occupant. In short, memory foam mattresses are denser than their non-memory foam counterparts and provide their occupants with an increased sense of stability.

Eloquence Memory Foam Mattress

Eight inches of viscoelastic memory foam make the Eloquence a formidable entry within our mattress lineup. Featuring 2.5lbs of density, the Eloquence makes for a firm and stable night’s rest. Accompanied by a Jacquard velour cover, this memory foam mattress is elegant in appearance and priced favorably. Available in California King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes.

Felicity Mattress

A mattress model consisting of several foam layers and a series of 13-guage coils (measuring 6”), the Felicity is manufactured with the aim of providing its occupants a maximum degree of sleep comfort. The various layers include 3” of support foam, 1” gel-infused Lux memory foam which sits within the cover itself, and a 2” layer of standard Lux memory foam situated just beneath the quilted top. These various layers are tightly housed within support-enhancing foam-encased sides. Reasonable in its pricing, the Felicity is available in California/Eastern King, Queen, Full, and Twin Extra Long.

Luxury Gel 10” Memory Foam

Carefully conceptualized with maximum occupant comfort as a guiding design tenet, the Luxury Gel 10” is a four-layer memory foam mattress of singular quality. Situated atop its 5” high-resilience foam base are 2” of comfort core, a 2” memory foam mid-layer, and a 1” top-layer of memory foam enhanced by a soft gel infusion.

This impressive stacking of memory foam layers ensures a positively ergonomic sleeping surface and safeguards the body from skeletal misalignment along with the joint pain by which it is so often accompanied. Also manufactured in a 12” variation, the Luxury Gel 10” is available in California/Eastern King, Queen, Full, and Twin.

Slumber-Pedic 8” Memory Foam

The hypoallergenic Slumber-Pedic 8” is a contouring mattress which takes full advantage of cutting edge memory foam technology. Elimination of motion transfer is central to the Slumber-Pedic 8” design, as is the effective molding of its sleeping surface to the occupant’s unique skeletal structure. A highly durable foam base measuring 6” and featuring 2lbs of density serves as a platform upon which the 2” of D-Lux open cell memory foam top layer rests.

As for the cover, its bamboo-infusion is intended to wick moisture while regulating body temperature. It is also anti-microbial and removable for purposes of regular washing. Available in California King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin Extra Long.

Nader’s Community Outreach and Charitable Endeavors

The residents of California’s South Bay region have been nothing short of extremely good to Nader’s La Popular across the decades, and Nader’s has never lost sight of as much. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue serving you, our loyal customers, for years and decades to come, and are also committed to extending our gratitude beyond the walls of our showrooms.

Giving back and contributing to worthy causes—Charles A. Nader was committed to doing exactly that whenever possible, as are his descendants in the here and now. This includes annual donations to City of Hope’s cancer research division and monetary support for several youth groups in both Gardena and Carson. All of this is to say that in doing business with Nader’s La Popular, you are indirectly contributing to noble causes throughout the South Bay area. We appreciate your doing so, as do our beneficiaries.

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