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Nader’s La Popular has been a cornerstone of the South Bay, California business community for six decades’ time, and promises to be around for many years to come. Key to the company’s sustained prosperity and growth throughout the past half-century are the guiding principles that were laid down by founder Charles A. Nader in 1956. While the importance of family is certainly evident in the Nader’s La Popular business model, the values that resonate most strongly with our customer base are those of personal respect, honest conduct, and incomparable service.

Fortunately for our loyal patrons, these values have been passed down from generation to generation for sixty years. Indeed, it is the example set by family patriarch Charles A. Nader that most sincerely guides his descendants in the continued management of the business he established so long ago. What every customer is certain to recognize when doing business with Nader’s La Popular, is the fact that the mid-20th century tenets of courtesy and decency are alive and well in the South Bay.

The Importance of Mattress Pads

Not all mattresses are manufactured to equal standards. And even those that are characterized by high quality are prone to either wearing unevenly or simply succumbing to overuse. Mattress pads are commonly employed for purposes of maximizing comfort upon one’s sleeping surface, and go a long way towards achieving that end, regardless of the specific properties of your own mattress. There is also the consideration of airflow, which mattress pad contouring tends to facilitate. The foam of which most mattress pads are comprised also contributes to a warmer sleeping scenario, which goes some distance towards ensuring deep sleep in many environments.

10” Excel-Guard Mattress Protector – Various Sizes

Protecting one’s mattress and pillows from premature wear is undeniably important, if only because furniture of that sort typically amounts to a sizable investment worthy of being insulated from preventable wear. The 10” Excel-Guard Mattress Protector serves that very function. Both dust mites and bed bugs are all too real threats both to mattresses and to their occupants. The Excel-Guard is ideal for staving off both, all while safeguarding the mattress from deterioration of a more general sort. Available in California King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin XL.

14” Excel-Guard Mattress Protector- Various Sizes

Much like the 10” version, the 14” Excel-Guard Mattress Protector is an essential layer of defense against standard mattress wear. Given the amount of time we humans spend inhabiting the confines of our mattresses, taking protective measures to ensure their longevity and continued usability is nothing short of supremely sensible.

Unfortunately, the risk of harmful dust mites and bed bugs making a home of your mattress is all too real. For that reason, perhaps more than any other, shielding one’s mattress with a relatively inexpensive Excel-Guard Mattress Protector is as much a measure in defense of one’s health as it is a generally wise insurance policy. Available in California King, Queen, and Full.


Nader’s La Popular has enjoyed decades of prosperity and community patronage since our family-owned business was founded in 1956. In that time, we have worked tirelessly to do right by our loyal clients without exception. Our doing so has allowed for us to grow in measured, responsible strides. We now have three showrooms and a clearance center/warehouse throughout the South Bay Area. These locations are in Carson, Gardena, and Signal Hill, with Gardena being home to both a showroom and the clearance center.


The Nader’s La Popular commitment to customer satisfaction extends across the full transaction continuum. From showroom introduction to product discussion, transportation details to payment terms. For that reason, we are proud to offer several financing/installment options, in order that our customers might come away from the shop with furniture they need without imperiling themselves monetarily in the process.

In some instances, the Nader’s Lay-A-Way Program may go a long way towards placing a much-needed furniture purchase within reach. We also offer two separate financing options for our customers. First is the Credit Based Financing offered by GE Capital. This includes no-interest and straight financing programs, with the former depending upon your payment timeframe, and the latter carrying with a standard 9.99% interest rate.

The non-credit based financing option is managed by Progressive and simply requires full payment within 90 days’ time. Certain qualifying conditions must be met, but these are quite reasonable and tend to agree with most customers’ financial/employment circumstances.

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