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Whatever else can be rightly said about Nader’s La Popular, the furniture operation has been a beacon of commendable business and community leadership since its 1956 founding. Yes, Nader’s La Popular has been proudly serving the greater South Bay area for sixty years, having been founded by family man and diligent professional Charles A. Nader. Now three stores strong, Nader’s is a mercantile fixture within the South Bay cities it populates, and its customer base has voted with continued and loyal patronage year upon year.

Quality and variety are the cornerstones of any furniture operation worth its salt. Nader’s La Popular possesses both in abundance, as its three showrooms can attest. But the Nader’s recipe for sustained success is one of treating customers well and consistently doing right by them at every turn. Couple this recipe with a wide array of furniture options, including our Mattresses and Foundations, and a visit to Nader’s La Popular amounts to an afternoon very well spent.

California King

Available in over thirty styles, categories, and colors, the California King is an aptly named entry in the mattress realm. The Audrina Lux Firm Pillow Top is particularly desirable, with its GelTouch contouring, SurfaceCool heat dissipation, and supportive Beautyrest800 coiling technology. Alternatively, the Beautysleep Caitlyn mattresses feature AirCool Memory Foam, Gel Touch softness, and a signature Stretch-Knit fabric, all of which sits atop a well-constructed matching foundation.

A notably distinctive entry on the California King list is that of the Felicity Mattress, a BedTech hybrid unit featuring a 2” layer of Lux memory foam and the support of foam-encased siding. Any mattress under the California heading is high in quality and will provide a restful night’s sleep.

Eastern King

Featuring several styles, our Eastern King mattress lineup includes a wide range of options. Among these is the Gel Lux 12”, a four-layered mattress with three types of foam and an airhole-ventilated pad of 2”-thick gel. Also under the Eastern King heading are the MST VI EuroTop and the Slumber-Pedic 8, the first of which combines gel infusion with quilt foam to produce a terrifically comfortable mattress, while the second employs a remarkable bamboo-infused cover to yield a moisture-wicking effect. In short, our Eastern King mattress/foundation units are among the best of their kind.


Our Queen mattresses and foundations vary widely in their features, pricing, and styling. One of the better all-around offerings is that of the Beautyrest Recharge Aimee, which features a heat-dissipating surface, Density Pocketed Coil Technology, and the signature GelTouch Foam. The Galaxy 9” is ideally priced and sized for guest room accommodations, and provides its occupant with an 800(Q) pocket-coiled innerspring.

For a bit more plushness just a little north of the Galaxy’s price-point, the Gel Lux 12” belongs to the four-layer category of mattresses, with its three layers of foam (base, comfort, and memory) resting beneath 2” of ventilated gel. A final entry worth noting is the Sealy Posturepedic Anniversary Cushion, which cleverly integrates Sealy coil and foam technology to yield a marvelous slumber unit.

Full and Twin

The Full and Twin mattress categories feature many of the same brands and models available in our King and Queen sizes. Which is to say that quality and comfort are alive and well in these smaller units. Our Charwood Plush Mattress, for instance, sits atop a Duratech foundation and is outfitted with an advanced PostureTech Coil System, an inch of Sealy foam, and an HD system.

On the Twin side of the house, a Crazy Quilt unit utilizes a couple of foam types and a Bonnell Innerspring Unit to keep the sleeper cozy, while the Eloquence Memory Foam mattress blends elastic in with its memory foam to produce a dense, comfortable surface upon which to rest or slumber.

Company Mission and Community Service

Nader’s La Popular is proud to offer its many customers so large a selection of mattresses, foundations, and furniture units of all sorts. Maintaining competitive prices and wide-ranging inventory is central to the Nader’s business mission; we have adhered to it for the past sixty years and will continue doing so for the next sixty.

But it is in our community outreach and charitable donations to worthy causes that Nader’s La Popular most strives to achieve a lasting impact. In addition to providing underprivileged groups with resources they might otherwise lack, Nader’s has long continued a tradition of giving to City of Hope’s cancer research group.

Visit a local showroom or our Gardena warehouse and be a part of the positive change Nader’s strives to realize.

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