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From its 1956 Gardena, California founding, Nader’s La Popular has grown notably in marketplace presence and has patiently established for itself a flawless reputation for customer service excellence. What Charles A. Nader established those sixty years ago was not strictly a furniture business. What he established was a way of doing business predicated on honesty, reasonable prices, and quality product. In every conceivable way, Nader’s La Popular has measured up time and again.

With vast inventory spread across three locations and a sizable warehouse, Nader’s selections include dining room tables/chairs, bedroom sets, bookshelves, futons, office furniture, and, of course, an enormous array of sectionals.

Our Sectionals

Covering a broad range of prices, aesthetic preferences, and sizes, we almost certainly have in stock a sectional to align with your budget, personal tastes, and available home/living room space. The selections that populate our showrooms are available in various colors and are produced in a range of materials (fabric, leather, et cetera).

Take a visual stroll through the options listed below. When you see something you like, remember: we have three showrooms in the South Bay area; there’s likely one nearby.

The Apollos

An unusual combination of striking looks and impossible comfort, the Apollo Sectionals are sizable, plush, and dynamic furniture pieces. Deep cushions and a wide structure make the Apollo a supremely comfortable collection of seats. Available in charcoal, espresso, and natural colors, this affordably priced sectional includes a single-arm sofa and a generously sized bumper chaise. For the money, this is a brilliant piece of living room furniture.

The Lola

A two-piece design, the Lola Sectional is a soft and inviting addition to any living room or den arrangement. In addition to its comfortable feel and nice, classical appearance, the Lola also features a built-in sleeper. Reasonably priced and broadly practical, it’s difficult to go wrong in selecting the Lola Sectional.

Charles Champion Chocolate Customizable 3-Piece Sectional

The Charles Champion Chocolate Customizable 3-Piece Sectional is essentially the palace equivalent of your standard multi-piece sofa. With supremely plush cushions, massive dimensions, ample cup holders, and a queen-size pullout bed, the Charles Champion is essentially a home unto itself. In addition to the sofa/pullout bed section, the Charles includes a dual reclining loveseat and a matching wedge. All things considered, the Champion is a supreme value for the financial investment.

The Manchester

Available in two distinctive colors (khaki and chocolate), the Manchester 6-Piece Power Reclining Sectional is offers a forceful presence and a comfortable feel at once. Its gorgeous upholstery and soft leather set the Manchester apart from its fellow sectionals, to say nothing for its sheer size, number of section pieces, and remote control adjustments.

In short, the Manchester 6-Piece provides its owners with class, comfort, practicality, and sophistication all-in-one furniture unit. Careful when testing the Manchester—you’re likely to drift into a peaceful slumber while doing so.

The Pacific Beach

A compact answer to the often larger sectionals, the Pacific Beach, which is available in both chocolate and sterling, is a tightly crafted, well-designed little sofa/chaise combination. The Pacific’s durable wooden frame and gentle fabric ensure you will enjoy its comforting feel for years to come. And like all Nader’s La Popular pieces, this one is very fairly priced.


For those who appreciate sleek leather and compact dimensions, the Sampson Sectional is a pitch perfect choice. Lean in the cut of its frame but rich in its fabric leather upholstering, the Sampson offers both an aesthetically pleasing sight for the eyes and a deeply inviting feel for its occupants.

Tornado Sectional

Upholstered with a chocolate-covered microfiber, equipped with a queen-size pullout bed, generous in its dimensions, and extremely durable in its construction, the Tornado Sectional is an all-around solid entry in Nader’s La Popular living room lineup. With reclining seats and cup holders to spare, the Tornado is ideal for entertaining or simply enjoying a family evening on the couch.

The Nader Way

Doing business with Nader’s La Popular is a doubly satisfying experience for the customer. From a raw shopping standpoint, Nader’s is committed to keeping its inventory well stocked and its options suitably varied to accommodate a wide spectrum of tastes. But it’s more than just the variety that keeps people returning.

The company’s devotion to integrity and to serving its community in ways both lasting and useful are what truly set Nader’s La Popular apart from so many others in the industry. As consummate professionals, the Nader family is happy to earn your business, but driven to earn your trust.

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