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Nader’s La Popular is one of South Bay, California’s most enduring and cherished of business operations. With three storefronts and a large clearance warehouse across three cities, Nader’s La Popular is a prominent furniture provider throughout the area. And of greater importance than its commercial presence, are the founding principles, which have kept the company in business for sixty years’ time.

If Nader’s La Popular stands for anything at all, it is family values and their importance in establishing both intergenerational continuity and lasting ties with the surrounding community. It was founder Charles A. Nader who, after breaking ground in 1956, laid down the foundation for what would become six decades of brilliant and trustworthy business conduct. Nader’s is still family-owned, still prospering, and still eager to earn the trust and continued patronage of its customers.

AS 1001 Lift Recliner

The AS 1001 Lift Recliner is an extremely well-made piece of furniture, with durability, comfort and versatility to spare. With massage functionality and heat settings to warm the body on colder nights, the AS 1001 is a snug and inviting recliner designed for long periods of cozy reclining. Its three seating positions achieved via electric lift render the AS 1001 a premier furniture unit.

AS 1050 Lift Recliner

With its split-back design, dual-side storage pockets, and steel-lift mechanism, the AS 1050 Lift Recliner is splendid chair for long evenings spent reading, viewing your favorite television programming, or enjoying the company of friends and family. And as is standard for Nader’s La Popular inventory, the AS 1050 is extremely well-made, with its hardwood construction seated atop a resilient steel frame.

AS-2001 Crypton Lift Recliner

A member of AS line, the Crypton’s counter-balancing mechanism places this Lift Recliner in a chair class all its own. Adjustable legs, stain-resistant fabric upholstering, and integrated battery backup all combine in making the Crypton one of the most practical reclining chairs of its kind.

AS-3001-Infinite Position/Trendelenburg

In addition to its two-tiered pub-back design, zippered cushions, chaise pad, and counter-balanced reclining mechanism, the AS-3001 also employs a zero-gravity lift in achieving its infinite position feature. With a seat depth of 22” and a plush feel to it, the AS-3001 is the epitome of an inviting recliner.


Constructed of high-grade hardwood and resting upon steel leg levelers, the AS-4001 provides a stable and comfortable seating unit for its owner. Like the 3001, this recliner features an electric lift, a splendid chaise pad, and suitable storage in the form of dual-side compartments. Nearly unmatched in its durable properties, the 4001 amounts to a wise furniture investment.


A stylish departure from the 4001, with which it shares many properties, the AS-5001 incorporates a biscuit back/seat element into its design, which is both comfortable and adds a distinguished appearance to the well-made, sturdy recliner.


Providing both heat and massage features to its occupants, the AS-6001 is a remarkable furniture unit. Characterized by excellent craftsmanship, a sturdy design, and polished aesthetics, the 6001 is a class act by recliner standards, and warrants the investment necessary to call it your own.

Eliot Power Recliner

A very affordable unit, the Eliot Power Recliner is a generously padded chair that invites its occupants long stays within its spacious confines. Its push-button, motorized reclining feature is perhaps the Eliot’s most noteworthy detail. This is not to downplay the soft, stain resistant upholstering, nor its broad seating dimensions. Regardless of where in your home the Eliot is best placed, the room will benefit greatly from its charming presence.

Promise to Our Customers

Nader’s La Popular is the very essence of trustworthy, customer-focused business conduct. Easy transactions, multiple showroom locations, several financing and layaway options, fair delivery terms, and a commitment to always doing right by our patrons—these are the ingredients of a sound furniture operation. And the proof of concept is not in the words themselves, but in our family business’s sustained presence within the community for over half-a-century.

Regardless of where you are in your own furniture-shopping journey, Nader’s would be honored to extend its services, its knowledge, its expertise, and much more to rightly earn your lifelong business. Our variety of furniture units alone is often enough to secure patronage from community members across the South Bay, but it is our devotion to providing excellent service at every step that keeps those patrons visiting our three locations year after year.

Visit one of our showrooms when next you have a pressing furniture need. Our staff will be happy to have you.

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