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A supreme testament to the quality embodied by Nader’s La Popular is the furniture company’s enduring presence. Founded six decades ago, Nader’s La Popular has been a beloved fixture of the South Bay, California community since 1956. Charles A. Nader laid down the foundation for a sustainable, trustworthy, sound, and prosperous furniture retailer/warehouse. These tenets have been closely and ardently adhered to by succeeding generations within the Nader family, all of whom cherish the business legacy that is their most important inheritance.

What separates Nader’s La Popular from so many of its competitors, large and small, is the company’s abiding commitment to doing, at every turn, what is best for the customer. Whether it is keeping the three Nader’s showrooms stocked with wide-ranging furniture styles, working with clients to achieve acceptable payment terms, or ensuring the customer is taken care of in terms of delivery options, ours is a difference of sincere care for our cherished patrons.

Apollo Sofa and Loveseat Set (Charcoal and Espresso)

With its decidedly modern design and polished gleam, the Apollo Sofa and Loveseat Set makes for a tremendous addition to virtually any living room. Though spacious in its dimensions, the Apollo is far from cumbersome or unwieldy furniture set. Rather, its shape and size render it comfortably compatible with most room layouts, while its overall appearance ensures it will add an element of class to any space it occupies.

Thick, ample cushions make for an inviting feel, whether you are seated for a film viewing or sprawled out for a nap. The bonded leather contributes both to the comfort aspect and to the set’s aesthetic appeal. Available in both charcoal and espresso color variants.

Deacon Sofa and Loveseat Set (Charcoal and Nutmeg)

Exuding an element of the laid-back in its every detail, the Deacon Sofa and Loveseat Set is conceptualized and crafted with comfort and modern aesthetics front of mind. Whether it is rounding out the furnishings of a larger home or serving as the centerpiece of a two-bedroom apartment, the Deacon comports with the needs of nearly all living situations. Experience the gentle Simmons upholstery firsthand, then make the sensible choice to bring this one home. Available in Charcoal and Nutmeg variants.

Hadley Sofa and Loveseat Set (Beige and Charcoal)

A charming and compact set, the Hadley Sofa and Loveseat is a consciously realized hallmark of a bygone but largely beloved era. Well-crafted and built to endure sustained use, the Hadley is deceptively elegant in its polite appearance. Its plush cushions and seatback render this set a decidedly comfortable piece of furniture. Available in both beige and charcoal color variants.

Pacific Beach Sofa Chaise (Chocolate and Sterling)

Thick cushions, a hardily built structure, and soft fabric upholstery are just a few of the elements that collectively render the Pacific Beach Sofa Chaise an attractive and popular furniture piece. Adding to all of that is an optional chaise placement setup, as that component can be perfectly situated on either side of the sofa. This set is available in both chocolate and sterling variants.

Stewart Sofa and Loveseat (Queen Sleeper Variant)

A full furniture set complete with java print pillows, the Stewart Sofa Queen Sleeper and Loveseat is classy and characterized by an elegance largely unique unto itself. Designed to accommodate a proper and sophisticated living room setup, the high-density foam cushions create a firm seating surface which also manages to yield supreme comfort for the occupant. The Stewart is also available in a non-sleeper variant.

Zephyr Vintage Sofa and Loveseat Set

Its name alone says it all, or at least nearly all, as the Zephyr Vintage Sofa and Loveseat Set is vintage through and through. With a thoroughly classical aesthetic to it, the Zephyr also provides soft comfort by way of its bonded leather and thick cushions/seatback. Enrich your prime living space with that effortless class yielded by the Zephyr furniture set.

Financing Options

Nader’s La Popular is widely regarded for the ease of transaction they maintain from showroom to showroom throughout the South Bay community. In addition to our convenient Lay-A-Way Program, we also offer two financing options. First is our credit based financing option provided by GE Capital, while the second is Progressive’s non-credit based 90-day payment option.

Our helpful staff members will be happy to discuss with you the merits of each, in order that you might make the purchase of your choice while securing your financial peace of mind.

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