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Honesty, fair prices, and quality customer service are the cornerstones of the Nader’s La Popular way of business. And sixty years later, those cornerstones have kept the business standing and thriving. Since having been founded in 1956, three generations of Nader family members have done their part in running the beloved South Bay furniture store, to include adding new showrooms and a clearance facility to the operation.

Regardless of your specific furniture needs, Nader’s La Popular can almost certainly be of help.

Our Futons

With dining sets, beds, sofas, dressers, bookshelves, patio furniture, and a good deal more than that available, is it any wonder that Nader’s also has a terrific selection of futons? If you find yourself occasionally hosting friends or family members but don’t have the space for a spare bed, the common solution is, of course, the versatile futon.

While many futons are little more than easily folded, rolled, and stored mattress beddings, others are combined with frames that allow them to function as sofas by daylight. Whatever futon style your situation requires, give the selections below a quick gander; the right match is among them.

The Basics

If your futon needs are comparatively minimal, simply keeping a rolled up mattress on hand will be enough to accommodate guests when those needs do in fact arise. The 8″ Futon Pocket Coil Mattress houses a strong innerspring and is perfectly capable of yielding a comfortable night’s sleep.

Available in black and chocolate colors, the 8” Futon Pocket Coil is a sensible and affordable mattress of the easily storable variety.

The Well-Rounded Option

Certain living situations require shrewd usage of limited space. For those homes (or dorm rooms), the Appleton Futon is uniquely suitable. The unit’s wooden armrests sit atop a sturdy metal frame, which is itself charcoal-brown in color and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With an 8” innerspring mattress and a bracket system designed to keep the bedding from slipping, the Appleton Futon is comfortable, attractive, and efficient at once.

The Leaner Alternative

For many, the inclusion of a futon in their furniture collection is a matter of necessity. In these instances, an economical but high quality option is the perfect porridge for their situation. Enter the Hamilton Futon, a lean, space-saving, practical mattress/couch hybrid that does not skimp on the comfort factor. With a 6” innerspring contained within a black fabric exterior, the Hamilton offers both a suitable sleeping surface and a sleek appearance.

The Premium Selection

There’s a good deal to say about the Tampa Futon and every word of it is favorable. By day, the Tampa Futon is a plush, attractive sofa (including two throw pillows), and fits in nicely regardless of what sort of room it populates. By night, this versatile furniture piece transforms into a comfortable full-size bed, complete with an 8” innerspring mattress.

Not impressed? The Tampa Futon also functions as a modest storage unit. Beneath the armrests are open spaces that can be used to store smaller items, while the flanking panels are outfitted with book and magazine slivers. In short, the Tampa is a three-in-one unit with dynamic functionality to spare.

Financing and Lay-A-Way Options

At Nader’s La Popular, our primary mission is to create a smooth and pleasant shopping experience for our customers. In addition to providing you with a superb selection of reasonably priced, high quality furniture, we also provide a number of purchasing avenues to ensure your budget remains intact. Our financing resources include credit based and non-credit based options, neither of which requires an overly elaborate application process.

The credit based option uses a simply GE Money application and requires two valid forms of identification, while Nader’s in-house (non-credit based) financing application can be completed either online or in any Nader’s showroom location.

Lastly, the Nader’s Lay-A-Way program is a 6-month (at most) option that allows customers to piece their purchase together over an established timeline. Whether you take one of the financing routes, establish a lay-a-way arrangement, or simply make your purchase with a single payment, Nader’s staff members are committed to making yours an excellent buying experience across the board.

If you are actively in search of affordable home furnishings or simply plan on upgrading your present pieces, treat yourself to a Nader’s La Popular showroom visit when next you have an afternoon to spare. The customer service experience alone will render the trip worthwhile.

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