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When Nader’s La Popular broke ground sixty years past, its founder, Charles A. Nader, established a business model predicated as much on doing right by the South Bay community as on providing his customers with quality furniture. Perhaps as much as any company, Nader’s La Popular has held itself to an exceptionally high standard in that regard.

The operation has enjoyed peaks, braved valleys, and experienced everything in between across its many years. And in that time, with many family members manning the ship, Nader’s has cultivated a reputation for adhering to its core principles.
Our Accent Tables and Sofa Tables
Though still very much in touch with its core tenets and guiding principles, Nader’s has grown in both size and community presence in recent years. Now providing its South Bay patrons with three showrooms and a clearance center in three cities, Nader’s La Popular is suitably expansive to be within proximity to customers throughout the area, but has guarded closely its modest heritage while achieving its measured growth.

Visit any of three showrooms and acquaint yourself with the sense of family and community focus that, along with our excellent selection of accent tables and sofa tables, has kept the Nader’s doors open since the mid-20th century. The feeling is palpable and, these days, increasingly rare.
Belize Contemporary Chairside Table
A furniture piece both durable and stylish, the Belize Contemporary Chairside Table is a beautiful addition to any living or family room arrangement. With its sturdy construction topped by a tempered glass plate, the Belize is perfectly suitable for the placement of weightier decorative pieces and the like. With a piece this tasteful, the placement is almost an afterthought; it belongs wherever it ends up.
Bridget Sofa Table
Enhanced aesthetically by a pristine ebony finish, the Bridget Sofa Table is a solidly constructed piece of living room furniture. Tempered glass measuring 5mm in thickness renders the topside quite resilient, while the thick over-top molding ties the table together in gorgeous style. A splendid intersection of class and practicality, the Bridget is a marvelous unit all around.
Cambridge Sofa Console Table
Scrolled bronze legs support a richly stained top to yield the Cambridge Sofa Console Table, a supremely artistic and highly antiquated furniture piece. Designed to evoke a sense of rural Italian or northern Adriatic experience, the Cambridge seems like a piece plucked from the days of a bygone era. Its tempered glass top and the hardy wooden shelf below render the Cambridge as functionally useful as it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Cocoa Chairside Table
A modest, useful, and highly economical piece, the Cocoa Chairside Table is nevertheless quite well-made and boasts of a clever design all its own. Ideal in its dimensions for placement alongside a reading chair or at the end of a casual sofa, the Cocoa is neither inconspicuous nor ostentatious. It is simply a solid and practical piece suitable for functional placement throughout the house.
Genna Sofa Table
With its decidedly sophisticated appearance, the Genna Sofa Table is as likely to draw conversation from visitors, as it is likely to be used for functional purposes. The Genna’s heavy, tempered glass tabletop is seated upon a distinctively crossed set of plywood legs. Cosmetic appeal was very much in mind for this specific design, but this aspect in no way comes at the expense of simple practicality. It is a perfectly useful, sleek, and distinctive sofa table.
Hudson Sofa Table
There is an undeniably urban quality to the Hudson Sofa Table, a curious fusion of metallic structuring with wooden shelving which seems as fitting for usage in an artist’s studio as it might in a modern suburban home. With durability and longevity central to the Hudson’s design, this unit is a long-term investment by furniture standards.
Joseph Chairside Table
What better combination than that of a wooden frame supporting a marble-like top to convey a sense of class? This is precisely what the Joseph Chairside Table achieves in blending sturdy wood legs with a marbled topside. The piece is an attractive fusion of stylish ingenuity, solid construction, and sensible pricing.
Laurel Accent Table
An element of early-20th century style characterizes the Lauren Accent Table’s appearance, while suitable durability to accommodate a broad spectrum of uses renders this antique-style unit. Its simple design makes for a very straightforward assembly process, and the black finish lends the piece a sense of quiet elegance. This table is a terrific accompaniment to your living room arrangement or at your bedside.
Financing Options
The customer-focused professionals of Nader’s La Popular work diligently to pair customers with the right piece of furniture for their needs and budget. Oftentimes this means accommodating a customer’s specific payment preferences. In addition to a very flexible Lay-A-Way service, Nader’s also offers two financing options, one credit-based and the other a 90-day payment option.

Regardless of how you go about securing your purchase, Nader’s is committed to keeping the transaction smooth and painless. Visit a showroom today to explore both the furniture and your payment options.

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