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Since 1956, Nader’s La Popular has been conducting good and respectable business in the South Bay, CA region. And while our footprint has expanded a bit with the opening of additional stores in recent years, our family-owned operation and customer-focused mentality has stood the test of time.

We live by the credo of founder Charles A. Nader, the man who placed respect for the customer and unbending honesty ahead of all else. Two generations of Naders have worked for the family business left to them by the honorable Charles, and keeping his way of business alive and kicking has been as important as keeping the inventory stocked.

More than just a furniture purveyor, Nader’s La Popular is a time capsule housing the traditional ways of conducting business with one’s customers. Visit any of our three showrooms and experience the legacy left to us by Charles himself. You’ll likely come away a lifelong customer.

Our Desk Chairs

No respectable desk is complete without an accompanying chair. And like desks themselves, styles and ergonomics vary considerably from one design to the next. In recognizing that fact, we at Nader’s La Popular offer chairs across the design and pricing spectrum. Whether you are looking for a base model to complete a small office setup, or need something more grandiose to tie in with your elaborate professional haven, Nader’s is likely to have your white-collar throne in stock.

The Simple Chair

On the far end of the low-cost spectrum, the Black Desk Chair is as minimal a design as you will find in the Nader inventory. Looks, as it turns out, can be deceiving. For despite its slight appearance and impossibly small price tag, the Black Desk Chair was conceptualized in accordance with ergonomic principle and maximum office functionality.

With an easily adjustable seat height and smooth mobility provided by a set of five casters, the Black Desk Chair is economy and performance bundled up in an inconspicuous package.

The Management Chair

Office leadership requires a certain, well, presence. And the Kenai Comfort Back Manager Chair provides exactly that…in spades. Upholstered regally in black bonded leather and comfortable in the extreme, the steel-framed Kenai Comfort Back Manager Chair is a testament to inspired office furniture design.

Additionally, the chair’s five-star caster base allows for smooth mobility behind the desk. Whether you are wheeling the Kenai into a home base of operations or a corporate office, its presence will notably enrich your work experience.

The Modern Chair

At the intersection of style and substance, the Zeta Office Chair is unique in the ranks of office furniture. A faux leather exterior seated atop a sturdy five-star foundation, the Zeta Office Chair is unusually comfortable in relation to its undeniably attractive appearance. In this rare but notable exception, function and comfort were not sacrificed in the name of sleek form. Very ideal for a stylish home office or an eclectic professional setting, the Zeta offers its owner a stable ride throughout the day’s deskbound journey.

Financing Options

Ours is a firm commitment to pairing customers with the right piece of furniture at a fair and affordable price. In many cases, this policy sees transactions handled with a single payment. But those individuals who prefer or need it, Nader’s La Popular offers a couple of reasonable financing options. With certain exclusions and requirements, we provide a credit based financing option, which requires an in-store application process. Alternately, the non-credit based option is available, and with a similarly straightforward application.

No matter your circumstances, we will look at the numbers and determine if financing is a viable purchasing pathway. There is also a lay-a-way option worth considering, as many of our choice selections are worth a bit of a wait. Work with one of our customer service associates to establish your financing or lay-away arrangement. Creating sensible purchasing pathways is central to our operation and to our enduring success.


In keeping with our founder’s spirit of giving back and doing good for the community, Nader’s La Popular is closely tied with a number of charitable enterprises. Community and youth groups are among those to which we donate regularly, as is the City of Hope’s cancer research project.

We understand the importance of extending a helping hand to those less fortunate. Take pride in knowing that your support of our family business allows us to pay that support forward to those in need. They appreciate it greatly, as do we. Learn more by contacting us today.

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