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For the past 60 years, Nader’s La Popular furniture stores have been a trusted emblem of quality and top-notch customer service in California’s South Bay region. Our showrooms offer plenty of styles across a broad pricing spectrum, while our commitment to honesty and tradition makes Nader’s the very definition of a family friendly business.

The mission is simple: do right by our customers at every turn. And six decades in, it’s safe to say we’re succeeding.

Our Desks

If any piece of home furniture should be purchased in accordance with individual tastes and comfort requirements, it is the computer desk. Whether you work from home, spend a few hours a night computer gaming, or are given to long rounds of social media traipsing, you likely spend a good deal of time seated in front of your desk. Ensuring yours is a good fit is as easy as coming down to Nader’s for a “test drive” or two.

Basic Desk

Not all desks need to function as starship command stations. The Assistant Desk is ideal for simple computer and phone arrangements of the very sort a secretary might need to function leanly and efficiently. Low-priced but sturdily constructed, the Assistant Desk is a good deal of quality coupled with elegance and a light touch.

Because of its trim dimensions, the Assistant will also squeeze into almost nook or cranny your home has to spare.  Don’t be fooled by its seemingly slight frame; the Assistant is more than a match for your standard workstation needs.

The “Works” Desk

For those who spend particularly long hours at their desk, the Office-In-A-Box is uniquely suitable. At over 28” in height and 40-1/2” in width, the Office-In-A-Box provides its pilot with a tremendous amount of real estate for large monitors, a telephone, printer, and so on.

Featuring a standalone bookcase, adjustable shelves, and a free-floating file stand, the Office-In-A-Box is exactly what its name suggests: a full office. Particularly well suited for self-employed types or those who take their work home with them, this unit is the whole suite at a terrific price.

Shoal Creek Desks

Solid craftsmanship and aesthetically pleasing designs characterize the Shoal Creek desk options. If computing is central to your work or to your hobbies, the Shoal Creek Computer Desk will meet your needs nicely. With a keyboard/mouse shelf concealed by flip-down molding and a lean appearance, the Shoal Creek Computer Desk is well suited to any office environment.

An alternative design is the Shoal Creek Desk, a superbly crafted contemporary furniture piece with enough style to elevate the look of any office, bedroom, or common area. With ample cubbyhole storage and a three-drawer arrangement to one side, the Shoal Creek Desk is a practical and stylish piece of office furnishing.

Techie Desk

Sleek and minimalist in concept, the Tech Home Office Desk was designed with efficient functionality in mind. Featuring a handsome white glass finish and resting upon sturdy aluminum legs, the Tech Home Office Desk provides its user with a flip-down desk surface complete with a latched door. This brilliant item is tailored nicely for the devoted technology professional or avid designer.

The Genuine Class Desk

An inspired hybrid of graceful form and supreme function, the Zeta Computer Desk is modern and refined in equal measures. Composed of hardwood and tempered glass, the Zeta rests on hardwood legs to the front, metal on the back, and has a useful file drawer cleverly built-in to its lean frame. In the interest of experiencing both grace and practicality, audition the Zeta Computer Desk.

Promise To Our Customers

Six decades is a long time to be in business, especially in the age of major national chains. It’s not always easy to keep the doors open when running a family-owned small chain. Unless, that is, your customers recognize your commitment to service excellence, fair pricing, and quality guarantees.

Our reasonable lay-a-way and financing options are designed to tailor purchases to the buyer’s budget and timelines, as any number of customers will attest.

Affordable Prices

We at Nader’s La Popular believe in earning our customers’ trust and respect by always doing our best to price top-notch furniture at the lowest reasonable prices. Making a living is important, but so is making a difference in the community we serve.

Affordability is what keeps our customers happy and coming back for sixty years…and counting. Nader’s is proud of its well-earned reputation for good service and we look forward to maintaining as much throughout the years to come.

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