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Since 1956, Nader’s Furniture in Gardena, California, has designed and sold quality furniture to multiple generations. Customers come back time and time again because of their excellent reputation for building long-lasting pieces. The honesty and integrity of Charles Nader has made him a family name in the furniture business in California. He was a man that believed in quality, integrity, and the best products available for his customers.

Nader’s Furniture Book Shelves and Cabinets for All Your Storage Needs

Nader’s Furniture is proud to present these book shelves, cabinets and wardrobes that have met our standards of quality and excellence required by Charles A. Nader. We are offering a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to meet the needs of our customers.

These book shelves, cabinets and wardrobes are crafted with the finest quality materials and assembled with great care.

40-Inch Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet

The 40-inch Wardrobe Storage Cabinet is an excellent choice for additional clothing storage in a tight space, such as a condo or small apartment. It is not as large as other wardrobes, but it has room for everything you will need to store. It’s made of top-quality materials and features a Highland Oak finish, which maintains a classic look. This wardrobe features 2 adjustable shelves and a garment rod behind 2 doors. The dimensions are 40 inches deep by 20 inches wide by 71.5 inches tall.

Beginnings Wardrobe and Storage Cabinet

The Beginnings Wardrobe and Storage Cabinet is a finely crafted armoire or storage cabinet. It’s perfect when you need extra storage for clothing or other personal items. The wardrobe has a modern look and has a cinnamon cherry finish. It is also very adjustable and features 2 easy-glide drawers, two adjustable shelves, and a full-size garment closet with a fixed rod. The dimensions of the wardrobe are 47 inches deep by 20 inches wide by 71 inches tall.

5-Shelf Bookcase

The 5-shelf bookcase is the classic tall bookcase with an updated look but at a reasonable price. It is 24.5 inches deep by 11 and a half inches wide by 71 inches tall and features 3 adjustable shelves. It is very reasonably priced at under $100, and it’s currently on sale for $55. This bookcase has the Cinnamon Cherry finish and looks great in a library or living room with books or other decorative items.

Del Mar Room Divider with Doors

The Del Mar Room Divider with Doors is a classic piece of furniture that Nader’s is proud to offer to our customers. This room divider will add a great piece of character when you need to change a space or put an entertainment center against the wall.

You can also use the Del Mar Room Divider to divide a room into two distinct spaces, and use the divider for decorative display. There’s lots of room for storing all of your favorite things. Finally, this divider measures 30 inches deep by 16 inches wide by 72 inches tall and features a chocolate finish.

All Metal 5-Tier Shelf

The All Metal 5 Tier Shelf by Nader’s LaPopular line, is the perfect solution for your storage needs. This shelving unit will easily fit in your garage, utility room, or storage area and has locking wheels to make it easily movable. This shelf features commercial grade steel, making it extra sturdy to hold your heavier tools and other utility items. It also has a powder coated black wrinkle epoxy finish. This shelving unit is priced at around $100, but is designed to last a lifetime of heavy use. The size is 28 inches deep by 16 inches wide by 68 inches tall.

Red Cocoa 4 Shelf Bookcase

Nader’s LaPopular is proud to offer the Red Coco 4 Shelf Bookcase for your display or book storage needs. This is the perfect medium-sized bookcase that is great for displaying decorative items or a few books. It can be placed close to an entrance to a room or by the door and still not be too large. It’s a great decorative piece that will add interest to any room. It comes disassembled, but it’s easy to put together, and features four shelves. The size of the bookcase when assembled is 25.5 inches wide by 11.75 inches deep by 47.25 inches tall, and the color is a chocolate finish.

Red Cocoa Baker’s Rack

The Red Cocoa Baker’s Rack is a great decorative piece that will look perfect in your kitchen or dining room. This item has a full marble tabletop, three shelves and a wine rack that holds up to 9 bottles of your favorite vino. There are also three shelves to display some of your finest glassware. This item comes fully assembled and is 31 inches wide by 15.5 inches deep by 64 inches tall. The Red Cocoa Baker’s Rack offered by Nader’s Furniture will add a classy look to your finest dining room areas, or a great utility piece for a restaurant dining room.

The Nader’s Way

Nader’s is proud to serve their customers with the LaPopular line of furniture. It’s the combination of classic styling, quality manufacturing and the best quality materials that Nader’s Furniture offers to their customers with their LaPopular furniture. These book shelves, cabinets and wardrobes are examples of the type of pieces you can expect at Nader’s Furniture.

The Nader family has worked hard to earn the trust of the community, and has thousands of happy customers. They also do their part in serving the community and truly believe in what they do. This is what sets Nader’s Furniture apart from many other furniture stores.

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