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Nader’s Furniture knows that more and more of their customers are working in a home office environment than ever before. Nader’s Furniture has some ideal home office furniture pieces and accessories that will make working at home a breeze. These useful and attractive storage cabinet units, chairs and other accessories will make any home office seem like a front office.

Nader’s Furniture La Popular furniture line includes some of the best designed pieces our buyers could find. They are made from quality materials, using precise engineering and a high degree of skilled craftsmanship.

Nader’s Furniture Home Office Furniture for Your Work Place

As customers of Nader’s Furniture know, these home-office pieces are of high quality and durability that will last for many years. When Mr. Nader started Nader’s Furniture in Gardena, California in 1956, he wanted to sell furniture that was well made and affordable to his local customers. Over many years, the reputation of Nader’s Furniture gained many loyal customers from all over the United States and the world.

40” Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet

This 40-inch wardrobe or storage cabinet is a great example of the type of quality you can expect to get from Nader’s furniture for your home office. This wardrobe can be used for a number of purposes. Use it to store clothes or as a place to put your office supplies and materials. There are two large doors that enclose this storage cabinet with metal handles. Behind the doors there is a garment rod and two adjustable shelves plus a full upper shelf that stretches across the width of the cabinet. The dimensions of the 40-inch wardrobe storage cabinet is 40 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 72 inches tall.

Assistant Desk

The assistant desk from Nader’s Furniture is a simple desk that you can place anywhere to allow yourself a work surface or place to use your laptop. This reasonably sized desk will fit in virtually any space. It is perfect for your home office, or placement in a bedroom or other small cubby for office work. This elegant assistant desk is made from all solid wood and is finished in a beautiful red cocoa finish. This desk is very reasonably priced under $100. It is perfect if you are looking for a workspace and on a limited budget. Finally, the size of the assistant desk is 47.25 inches wide by 19.75 inches deep by 36.5 inches tall.

5-Shelf Bookcase

The 5-shelf bookcase from Nader’s Furniture is a perfect example of a budget-minded piece of furniture with elegant finishing. This bookcase features three adjustable shelves to accommodate your books or office supplies and equipment. Alternatively, it can be removed completely for storage of taller items. The 5-shelf bookcase is elegantly styled in a cinnamon Cherry finish and priced under $60. The dimensions of the bookcase are 24.5 inches long by 11.5 inches wide by 71 inches tall.

Black Leatherette Contemporary Office Chair

The black leatherette contemporary office chair has a very modern and stylish look to it. This chair has a tall and curved back and armrests that are styled in a beautiful, highly-polished chrome frame. The base of the chair has 5 rolling casters to help you get from one place to another quickly. Additionally, it has a fully adjustable base that lets you adjust the height, tilt and firmness of the seat. This elegant chair is approximately 25” by 21” by 44” tall and has a seat depth of 17.5 inches. It can be adjusted in a number of ways to increase or decrease some of these dimensions.

Black Padded Office Chair

The buyers at Nader’s Furniture were looking for a high-quality black padded office chair that would be good for any home office. It had to be something comfortable, stylish and built to last. They found this perfect black padded office chair that will meet all your needs for comfort and usability. The black office chair in this leatherette covering has an extra padded seat for added comfort for those long hours working on your computer. This chair has five rolling casters for easy movement. Additionally, the chair is fully adjustable in height, tilt, and seat back position. This chair is featured in only black color and the size is approximately 24 inches by 24 inches by 40 to 44 inches tall with a seat depth of 17.75 inches.

If you are working in a home office you are probably going to spend a lot of time sitting in your office chair and working at your desk. Nader’s Furniture has gone out of their way to find the perfect home office furnishings that are not only comfortable, but are built to last many years. These desks, chairs and other accessories are a step up of what you’re going to find it other stores. They also have a price that is more than reasonable, and can fit into any budget.

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