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Nader’s Furniture has been providing excellent products for their customers in Gardena, California since 1956.  They’e grown to have customers across the United States and around the world because of their reputation for selling quality furniture and accessories.

Nader’s Furniture Video Display Mounts for Television and Video

These TV wall mounts are made of great caliber and durability, and are offered by Nader’s LaPopular Furniture line for of all the modern flat screen television styles and designs currently available to consumers. 

These wall mounts are made of top-quality materials and designed with absolute precision for your home or office. They are easily installed and implemented, and can last many years without any maintenance or replacement.

Extended TV Wall Mount – Large

The extended television wall mount offered by Nader’s Furniture is the perfect wall mount for your flat screen television that is between 37 inches and 58 inches.  This video display wall mount can support televisions that weight up to 120 pounds. It features excellent versatility that makes it possible to manipulate the tilt and pan of every adjustment angle you can imagine. The extension arm allows you to pull the TV out from the wall, move it in any direction, and then return it perfectly against the wall. This TV mount also has built-in wire management system that allows you to easily hide your TV wiring but access it when needed.

Flat TV Mount – Large

The flat TV mount is perfect for the wall installation of your flat screen TV.  This wall mount is simple, secure, and easy to install. It’s great if you want to hang your TV safely on the wall and not have to worry about it. This mount will keep your television close to the wall and gives you the versatility to access the wiring when you need to. This video display wall mount will support TVs between 37 inches and 58 inches.  It has an easy install kit and can be put onto your wall in a few minutes with hand tools.

Extend TV Wall Mount – Small

The Extend TV Wall Mount in a small size and is perfect for installing a video display in any location, such as the kitchen, garage, office, RVs, and boats. It’s a super durable mount that will last a lifetime of enjoyment and is great for small areas where you’re trying to get a video screen in. 

This unit pulls out and retracts to its own footprint and is great for corner mounting. You can mount it below desks or cabinets, and be able to pan or tilt in endless directions. This video display wall mount installs easily with a single stud operation. It also includes hole patterns and expansion adapters to give you even more installation options. The dimensions of the amount are 11 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 4 inches tall, and it is retractable. It will mount to any VESA hole pattern from 75 millimeters to 200 millimeters.

Multi Angle TV Mount

The Multi-Angle TV Mount by Nader’s La Popular furniture is the perfect installation to tilt your large screen TV in a large family room or waiting area at the office. This mount will tilt angles up to 10 degrees from center, and the low profile mode allows for slimmer mounting, if needed. This mount is ideal for television installation between 24 inches and 47 inches. It’s extremely lightweight, but features a durable design that looks elegant. It is a classic flat installation that will hide the wires but be accessible when needed. This video display wall mount is easily installed with a simple double stud installation, and will fit VESA hole patterns of 100, 200, 300 and 400 millimeters.

Tilt TV Mount – Small

The Tilt TV mount in a small size, is perfect for a installation that requires a video display in a very small area, such as a boat, RV, garage, workshop or kitchen preparation area.  It is perfect for TVs between 10 inches and 26 inches in diameter. The full dynamic tilt is functional for 90 degree turns or pan in any direction. It is perfect for reducing screen glare and providing optimum visibility from any direction. It’s easy to install and features a single stud installation, and will fit a VESA hole pattern between 75 and 200 millimeters.

The Nader Way

Nader’s Furniture is proud to offer quality products to their customers as they have since 1956. Founded in Gardena, California, Nader’s now sells their quality furniture and products to consumers all across the United States and the world. Customers have come to count on the durability and high quality of Nader’s Furniture video display wall mounts and other goods, such as television mounts and Nader’s Furniture video display wall mounts.

Nader’s is proud to offer quality television and wall mounts to their customers, after locating the best designed and manufactured wall mounts they could find in the marketplace.

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