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Nader’s La Popular has been in business for over 60 years. Our longevity is due to a powerful combination of hard-earned customer loyalty, competitive prices, excellent variety, and a set of guiding principles handed down from one generation to the next by founder Charles A. Nader. Above all else, we pride ourselves on treating each customer like a member of our extended family. In effect, we view the South Bay region as home and regard our business as an important fixture within the community.
Charles’ lasting principles and business values have contributed to our ongoing commercial success. Each of our four locations is staffed by employees who are trained and encouraged to inhabit the Nader’s La Popular values. These include honesty, ease of business, and superb customer service. Without this cornerstone in place, we almost certainly would not be where we find ourselves now. Drop in to a showroom yourself and witness firsthand what we know as the Nader Difference.

Our Dining Room Standard Height Sets
Dining room furniture is a matter of particular taste, and no two preferences are quite alike. Whether it’s a matter of space, chair-count, style, or finish, dining room sets tend to require a lot of consideration before a commitment is made. Additionally, those who often host are also inclined to weigh their dining room set options extremely carefully. Nader’s La Popular recognizes the importance associated with any dining room set decision and keeps a wide inventory of options in stock for that very reason. Below are listed several of our most popular styles.

Calabasas Six-Piece Dining Set
Seemingly suitable for use in a high-class park, the Calabasas Six-Piece Dining Set possesses a sort of ruggedness that distinguishes it from functionally similar units. The walnut-finished wood retains much of its natural texture. Furthermore, the inclusion of a bench goes a long way towards cultivating harmony between diners. With its 84” of length and over 40” of width, the Calabasas is suitably sized for gatherings large and small alike.

Dublin Five-Piece Dining Set
Next, the Dublin Five-Piece Dining Set is the very essence of modern furniture design. Its Asian hardwood construction and sturdy form combine to make a stylish and imposing statement. Faux leather encases the Dublin’s four box cushion chairs which feature color-tacked nickel trim. Stylish, well-made, practical, and minimal, the Dublin Five-Piece packs a great deal of quality into its modest dimensions. Track this one down during your next showroom visit.

Figaro Seven-Piece Dining Set
Classical in its appearance, grand in size, and attractive in its styling, the Figaro Seven-Piece Dining Set is brilliant furniture set. A clever coalition of hardwoods sit beneath the unit’s solid mango top and contribute to a rich, textured look. The 18” leaf allows for a generous table-top extension. The table can be comfortably populated with six padded-seat, ladderback chairs that accompany the set. Square legs and metallic accenting suggest a polite element of industry. The Figaro set will elevate any dining room it comes to inhabit.

Westwind Five-Piece Dining Set
A brilliant, hardwood furniture unit, the Westwind Five-Piece Dining Set is both lean and accommodating in its application. At 48” by 48” in its tabletop dimensions, the Westwind is sufficiently sizable to allow for reasonably sized meal gatherings. Padded leather chairs with slatted backrests also provide comfort and style in equal measures. The Westwind’s cherry finish greets the eye in pleasant fashion. It seems perfectly matched to the set’s agile concept and construction. Also available in a seven-piece version, the Westwind Dining Set deserves a close look by shoppers hoping to classily furnish their respective dining room.

Nader’s Payment/Financing Options
With several financing/delayed payment options available for qualified customers, Nader’s La Popular helps to make the buying process easier for its customers. Between the Synchrony Financial credit card, a lay-a-way program, and our in-store credit, Nader’s can likely provide you with an acceptable plan while ensuring you leave with the purchase of your choice. We are more than happy to discuss your preferences while explaining each option in close detail.

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