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Nader’s La Popular is now in its seventh decade of business. Founded in 1956 by Charles A. Nader, our furniture operation has been a familiar presence in the South Bay community for three generations. Our business ethos is as responsible for our continued success as are our favorable prices and superb inventory. That ethos is traceable directly to the founder himself, as Charles was adamant about distinguishing himself from the competition in ways that go beyond sales numbers, store count, and gimmicks.

The true distinction between Nader’s La Popular and its competitors is one of trust and loyalty. We work tirelessly to earn the former in order that we might get to appreciate the latter. And we at Nader’s understand that earning trust is no simple task. Doing so requires a firm adherence to guiding principles. In our case, these include ease of business, sincere respect for each customer, community service, and an acknowledgment that budgets vary widely from person to person. As for the last of these, our flexible payment plans and ultra-competitive prices go a long way towards easing any financial apprehension. Make time for a visit to one of our showrooms and personally experience the Nader’s Difference.

Our Servers, Carts, and Curios

Dining rooms and dens invariably benefit from the addition of serving wares, particularly if the owner hosts gatherings regularly. Carts, serving platforms, curios, and the like are also ideal from the standpoint of daily usage. Whether for purposes of housing decorative pieces or simply storing a collection of wine and spirits, furniture pieces along these lines are broadly useful. Consider our wide assortment of such units when a furnishing need of that sort arises. We keep a diverse inventory in-stock year-round.

Below are a few product descriptions.

Espresso Wine Cart

Basic in its design and appearance, the Espresso Wine Cart functions in exactly the way it was designed. The wheeled contraption is three-tiered and ideal for drink service or as a makeshift hors d’oeuvres cart. Sufficiently small to allow for out-of-the-way placement, the Espresso Wine Cart is as much or as little as occasion and circumstance necessitate. Plug this practical unit into your dining room furniture array and benefit from it during your next hosting endeavor.

Gina Serving Cart

Artful, elegant, useful, and easily conveyed, the Gina Serving Cart is a nearly perfect furniture piece for hosting purposes. The caster-mounted chrome base is appealing to the eye and glides easily from point to point without making an obstruction of itself. At 30” in height, the Gina sits at just the right altitude for ease of access. All while its mere 18” of width allows for a functional agility of sorts. Priced affordably, the Gina Serving Cart should sit as well within your budget as it will within your home.

Hampton Beach Wine Rack and Server

Antiquated in appearance and hardy in construction, the Hampton Beach Wine Rack and Server is comprised of both wood solids and veneers which create a decidedly weathered aesthetic. At home in any cottage-style setting, the Hampton is the definition of rustic. Five drawers sit beneath a spacious top-shelf and comfortably above an 18”-deep wine rack. This unit is lovely, perfectly designed, and priced rather reasonably. Give this one an in-person glance during your next showroom visit.

Metallica China Curio

Very much equal to its name, the Metallica China Curio is a polished display case sure to outshine the items it contains. Housing three shelves above a two-drawer base, the Metallica’s platinum veneer suggests class and durability. Stacked-bun legs provide base stability, while artistic detailing accent the unit. Worth every penny of the investment, this curio is a room-enhancing presence by any measure. The Metallica China Curio certainly warrants a close examination by the right buyer.

Nader’s La Popular Locations

Nader’s La Popular has expanded from its Gardena origins. With a location in Signal Hill and another Carson, we have placed ourselves within short driving distance of nearly every South Bay resident. We should also note our Clearance Center & Warehouse near to our Gardena showroom. Take your pick as to which location you’d prefer to call your own. We’ll be honored to host you either way.

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