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If Nader’s La Popular can be said to have done anything well in its 60+ years, it would be the company’s ability to distinguish itself from the competition. Of course, all retail and warehouse operations function in ways similar to one another—the nature of human industry requires as much. But Nader’s has taken things several steps further, a habit established by founder Charles A. Nader in 1956 and honored by his descendants since that time. And were the founder here today, he would certainly recognize and appreciate his firmly intact legacy.
Honesty, ease of business, competitive prices, and unequaled customer service—this is the recipe for enduring success left by Charles A. Nader. Now with four locations spread across three South Bay region cities, Nader’s La Popular has demonstrated from one decade to the next that family values can sustain a business and even allow for it to thrive. Visit a showroom yourself and experience the feel of doing business with retailers who treat you like family. It will be our honor to earn your business.

Our Counter Height Sets
The counter height set is appealing and useful dining room furniture. Meals and morning coffee are often brief and don’t always allow for a process of settling in. A counter height table complete with stool-style chairs facilitate a more functional approach to taking in a quick meal, sharing a quick beverage, or scanning the newspaper. Furthermore, the presence of a counter height set might make for convenient collective meal preparation efforts. Cooks are able to comfortably gather around the high-top table while engaging in their work. Nader’s keeps a very large inventory of counter height sets in stock for that very purpose. Take a look below at some of our popular units.

Artisan Three-Tier Bar & Two-Stool Set (White)
The Artisan Three-Tier Bar & Two-Stool Set is as modern in its look as it is functional in its design. The chrome-finished guardrails enclose a three-shelf stack, the uppermost of which is in fact the tabletop itself. These kidney-shaped shelves are frosted white and matched well with the two accompanying 29”-high stools. This three-piece set provides considerable class for a very reasonable price.

Delta Five-Piece Counter Height Set
The Delta Five-Piece Counter Height Set seems like a well-preserved relic from an era long bygone. The set’s deep brown finish nicely accompanies and accentuates the wooden construction, and black cushioned chairs make a comfortable sitting experience. With its dropleaf table addition, the Delta is perfectly transitional for various dining and entertaining needs. At 41” in height, this counter is a terrific height for any number of uses. Surprisingly inexpensive given all that’s included, the Delta certainly deserves a close look and serious purchase consideration.

Glenda Five-Piece Pub Set
The very definition of furniture charm, the Glenda Five-Piece Pub Set is vibrant, practical, and well-constructed throughout. At over 37” tall, the countertop lays at a perfect kitchen height for comfortable snacking, casual sipping, or engaged dining. A thick cherry finish generously coats the set, while flap-leaves leave open the option of expanded surface area. Upholstered seats render the four included chairs, each of which features an artistic cutout back. This one is low in cost and top-notch by nearly every other measure.

Ryan Seven-Piece Pub Set
Traditional in its plain, sturdy quality, the Ryan Seven-Piece Pub Set is as firm in its build as it is basic in its concept. Six padded-leather chairs surround the 37”-high counter in stoic fashion and create a sense of the early-20th century barroom aesthetic. Take this set for a stationary test-drive during your next showroom visit—the quaintness may just get you. 

Style 19 Five-Piece Dining Set
Designed to populate tighter spaces, the Style 19 Five-Piece Dining Set is sleek, angular, and exudes a high dosage of class. A dark cherry finish provides the wooden construction with a warm elegance, all while four leather-upholstered seats do their part in providing a comfort-rich sitting experience for their occupants. The Style 19 is a terrific convergence of artistry and efficiency. Selling for a competitive price, this set warrants an extended look.

Nader’s La Popular – Our Customer Commitment
More than a furniture store, Nader’s La Popular is committed to being a member of the South Bay family. Our mission is to treat each customer like a fellow Nader and to ensure their shopping experience is devoid of hassle and favorably memorable by any measure. Stop by a store and allow us an opportunity to earn your trust, your business, your loyalty.

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