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Since 1956, the Nader’s La Popular storefront has stood as a South Bay, CA beacon, and as a testament to the virtue of respectable, community-focused business conduct. With three showrooms and a warehouse location populating the South Bay area, Nader’s La Popular has established for itself a strong commercial presence without compromising the core tenets of customer respect and fair pricing which have allowed it to thus far succeed.

Founder and gifted entrepreneur Charles A. Nader baked these tenets into the business model from the start, six decades ago. He would be pleased to know they persist into the present.

Our Queen Beds

The most commonly purchased/sold bed size in these United States, the queen is suitably large to eliminate the risk of crowding while one slumbers away, but is not overly space-intensive to render it impractical for guest room usage. In short, our queen beds occupy an attractive middle terrain—accommodating, but not spatially domineering.

Nader’s La Popular is happy to offer a wide selection of queen beds, ranging across a full spectrum of prices, styles, and manufacturers. Below are listed a few of our premier offerings for your consideration.

Cavalino Poster Bed – Queen

Possessed of a tight design structure and soothing aesthetic properties, the Cavalino Poster Bed – Queen is a solidly conceptualized unit ideal for medium-large room spaces. Though its artistic appearance suggests an emphasis on form over function, the Cavalino is, in fact, well-constructed and designed to withstand enduring usage.

Its solid wood manufacture and sturdy legs combine to render the Cavalino a hardy poster bed, to say nothing for the inspired scrollwork which enriches the unit’s overall appeal.

Denver Storage Bed – Queen

The Denver Storage Bed provides its owner with the functional qualities of a mattress frame and the supplemental features of a bookcase. It is contemporary in appearance but does not venture overly much into the terrain of the modern. Efficient usage of this unit’s headboard real estate allows for the placement of bound books or ornamental pieces, while a firm base ensures stability for both sleeper and emplaced items alike.  The Denver is well-made and favorably priced, making it worthy of customer consideration.

Louis Philip Black Sleigh Bed – Queen

A legitimately modern furniture unit, the Louis Philip Black Sleigh Bed is a stylishly conceived of bedroom piece with much to recommend it. Consisting solely of wood and handsomely topped with a sharp black finish, the Louis Philip is a slat-support design of considerable quality. Ideal for spare rooms and the like, each Louis Philip promises to enhance the space it occupies.

Makayla Queen Storage Bed

Boasting the appearance of a timeless furniture piece, the Makayla Queen Storage Bed is built of consciously weathered acacia and maple surfaces which contribute to its beautiful antiquated look. And in keeping with its name, the Makayla Queen offers ample storage for clothing, extra bedding, and much more. Between its remarkable quality and clever drawer placement, the Makayla is a treasure within the Nader’s bedframe lineup.

Pamela Panel Bed – Queen

Its dark and tasteful walnut finish and a leather headboard characterize a slight, unimposing, but nevertheless durable and well-manufactured unit, the Pamela Panel Bed. In all, the Pamela is the very essence of modern furniture design and speaks to a present taste for minimalist furniture. It is also priced to meet the expectations of cost-conscious shoppers, which is to say the Pamela is a good deal by any measure.

Tami Queen Black Bed

Truly unlike any other similarly priced unit, the Tami Queen Black Bed is both stylish and modest in its design and in its manufacture. In addition to utilizing a crown molding aesthetic and featuring tightly realized lines, the Tami Queen consists of sturdy basswood and poplar solids which ensures a firm foundation for sleepers both light and heavy alike. A curious blend of old and new, the highly affordable Tami is simply a gem of a bedframe.

Promise To Our Customers

Tracing our business origins back to the mid-20th century, we at Nader’s La Popular are honored to continue a legacy passed down to us from one generation to the next.

Now nearly two decades into the 21st, it seems the old-fashioned values espoused by our founder and forebear Charles A. Nader continue to resonate with our loyal customer base. These include ease of transaction, fair pricing, and endless respect for the community of which we have long been a part.

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