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Founded in 1956, Nader’s La Popular has proven itself an enduring and worthy family-owned furniture store across several generations. Much of this sustained success is attributable directly to savvy and wise business practices, many of which were established by the company’s founder, Charles A. Nader. Competitive pricing, sensible inventory decisions, and measured growth have contributed to six decades of Nader’s La Popular operation within the South Bay, CA region.

Of course, none of this would mean a thing without the loyal patronage of our customers. These are people we regard first as fellow community members, with their patronage coming in only at a close second. For those who have experienced a furniture-buying transaction with one of our three showrooms, much of this goes without saying. Still, it’s our pleasure to make note of it early and often.

Our Nightstands

Diversity of style, size, and pricing within our extensive inventory is central to the Nader’s La Popular business model. This goes as much for our nightstands as it does for any other furniture type in the showroom display or the warehouse aisles. Whether you are drawn to contemporary pieces characterized by tight lines and angular cuts or you prefer an older aesthetic complete with deep finishes and elegant curvature, Nader’s La Popular almost certainly has a piece aligned with your tastes. Below is a solid sampling of our excellent nightstand units.

Allison Nightstand with USB Port and Hidden Storage

Not all is as it seems with the Allison Nightstand. As its name would indicate, this undeniably attractive bedroom piece features a bit of modern technology in the form of a USB port, which renders it attractive to the “wired-in” souls amongst us. The Allison’s hidden storage aspect is ideal for those who prefer to keep certain valuables or essential items (keys, wallet, et cetera) out of sight and difficult to find.

Added to all of this is the Allison’s hardwood construction, five-piece drawer box, full-extension drawer glides, felt lining (top drawers), and a sleek pewter finish that elevates this unit’s appearance considerably. Priced affordably, the Allison makes for an exceptionally wise furniture purchase.

Belle Rose Nightstand

Channeling an element of 19th century elegance and pre-Industrial craftsmanship, the Belle Rose Nightstand is as gorgeous a piece of bedroom furniture as one could hope to find in a modern showroom. Its five-piece drawer box, silver-finished hardware, side-mounted European drawer glides, and rich black cherry finish combine to make of this basswood nightstand a graceful, practical, and beauteous addition to your most intimate of household spaces.

Daisy Nightstand – Brushed Grey

Constructed of solid wood and aesthetically enriched with a pristine grey finish, the Daisy Nightstand features two generously sized drawers within its broad and deep frame. Silver handles, a modern styling, and a broadly appealing look place the Daisy in a nightstand category all its own. Compatible with a wide range of bedroom themes and looks, the Daisy is at home virtually anywhere it is placed.

Marcus Nightstand

In keeping with the overarching Marcus Bedroom Collection’s style and quality standards, the Marcus Nightstand is immediately recognizable due to its two-tone espresso finish and clever, attractive convergence of splendid wood framing with drop-pull metal hardware. A piece that is at once classical in its veneer and contemporary in its cut, the Marcus Nightstand comports with bedroom styles of countless sorts.

Rosa Nightstand

A solid, broad, and rather timeless furniture piece, the Rosa Nightstand is an example of excellent manufacturing, functional design, and modestly implemented cosmetic properties. Its cherry finish is intended to charm the eye without venturing into the realm of the gaudy, while its silver hardware and all wood construction lend the piece a sense of legitimacy that eludes many a lesser piece within the nightstand category.

In all, the Rosa offers its owner dignity devoid of pretense, functionality of the highest order, and a durability that seems to have been drawn from an era long bygone.

Nader’s La Popular: Financing Options

Guided by the aim of providing its customers with a shopping/purchasing experience utterly devoid of financial stress, Nader’s La Popular offers a range of payment pathways designed to accommodate budgets across the spectrum. These include our in-house payment plan, courtesy of Progressive, which is non-credit-based and requires only an in-store application.

This program takes the form of a monthly payment plan and is typically met with approval rather quickly. Secondly is the Synchrony Financial route, a credit card which can be kept active in perpetuity.

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