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One of the South Bay’s most enduring and recognizable of furniture retailers, Nader’s La Popular is a venerable and trusted name within its community. With an enormous variety of pieces and units available in a broad range of styles, Nader’s La Popular is a sensible stop for customers interested in upgrading their existing furniture, filling up newly opened spaces within their home, or outfitting a dorm room for a college-bound son or daughter. But the Nader’s La Popular appeal goes well beyond its inventory offerings. It is the commitment to customer care and a dutiful sense of treating every transaction as though it were the business’ sole representation that most reliably retains Nader’s La Popular’s loyal clientele.

These tenets were first established by founder Charles A. Nader, Sr. some sixty years past, and have been, across the decades, successfully passed down from one generation of the Nader family to the next. Thus, what Charles, Sr. founded in 1956 was far more than a mere brick-and-mortar shop, it was a way of life and a way of conducting business that has served his operation well for over half-a-century. Customers who treat themselves to a Nader’s showroom visit are also heirs to the very legacy, which the company’s present leadership continues to embody.

Our King Beds

Nader’s La Popular has within its inventory nearly twenty King Bed makes. These collectively cover a broad expanse of prices, styles, and quality, though nothing in the Nader’s lineup is anything less than excellent in its manufacture. Whether looking for a poster, a platform, or a sleigh model, Nader’s almost certainly has a model to your liking within one or more of our three showrooms.

Providing customers with a breadth of options—this has been a cornerstone of the Nader’s La Popular business model since Charles, Sr. opened the doors midway through the 20th century. Our numerous King Beds are testament to that fact.

Allison California King Storage Bed

With both aesthetics and practicality front of mind in its design, the Allison California King Storage Bed is exactly that—a storage bed. Fortunately, it is not a storage bed that forfeits an attractive appearance in service to its functional qualities. A polished hardwood frame and an elegantly curved headboard lend an element of class and artistry to the unit, which also features a five-piece drawer box and full-extension door glides. In short, the Allison is well worth the investment, whether you are assessing it from either a practical or a cosmetic standpoint.

Azalea Platform Bed – California King

Reasonable in its pricing and of high quality in its construction, the Azalea Platform Bed is a lean and aesthetically pleasing unit which employs a two-toned color scheme to create a terrific, modern appearance.

This bed also features a slat support system, which eliminates the necessity of a box spring piece beneath your mattress and is in keeping with the Azalea’s generally modest dimensions. For reasons of both spatial consideration and affordability, the Azalea Platform Bed is deserving of a quick look.

Dutchess Upholstered Bed – California King

Featuring hardwood construction and metallically conceptualized hardware components, the Dutchess is sturdy and attractive in equal measures. It is also priced with customer budget in mind, rendering it ideal for a test drive when next you visit one of our showrooms.

Harvard Panel Bed – California King

A complete bedroom set, the Harvard Panel Bed – California King includes a dresser/mirror duo, a nightstand, and, of course, the panel bed itself. In addition to its fittingly Ivy League style, the Harvard set provides its owner with enormous storage space throughout its two-nightstand/eight dresser drawers. Gorgeously manufactured with solid wood and boasting a charming chocolate finish, the Harvard embodies the very essence of class.

Nader’s Locations

Always a small, family-owned operation in both spirit and practice, Nader’s La Popular has nevertheless expanded its South Bay presence to include two additional stores and a warehouse operation. Between these four locations, our accessibility throughout the area is considerable, even while our mentality remains that of a modest mom-&-pop storefront. Stop on in for a perusal of our invitingly staged showrooms and enjoy the excellent customer service, a consistent Nader’s hallmark.

We look forward to either welcoming you back or to seeing you once again.

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