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When Charles A. Nader founded his eponymous furniture store more than a half-century ago, he did so with the intent of both creating a business legacy and honorably serving his community. In both respects, our founder was enormously successful. Now, three generations later, Nader’s La Popular continues to thrive as a family-owned business with close ties to the South Bay, CA region in which it proudly operates.

And while competitive pricing and excellent variety have certainly played their part in seeing Nader’s La Popular through sixty years of sustained prosperity, it is our trademark respect for the customer that has most insulated us from the fate of so many small, family-owned businesses. Being as we have every intention of continuing thusly, it stands to reason that Nader’s will be remain in business for the foreseeable future. For that much we are grateful to you, our loyal patrons.

Our Headboards

Though once a structurally integral bedframe component, headboards in our modern era serve a largely (though not exclusively) ornamental purpose. Whereas the headboard was originally intended to provide an additional layer of wind chill protection in poorly insulated buildings, that consideration is mostly irrelevant these days. The same cannot be said of headboards, which have maintained their relevance by enhancing bedframe appeal and in many cases providing useful shelving space.

Always cognizant of our customers’ varied tastes, preferences, et cetera, Nader’s La Popular maintains a sizable headboard inventory. A few of our available options are listed and described below.

Barton Headboard

Simplicity and affordability—these are the Barton Headboard’s defining characteristics. Featuring beige upholstery and an appearance broadly compatible with many décor styles, the Barton is a sensible addition to any bedframe in need of headboard enrichment. Coupled with these qualities is the unit’s economical pricing, which renders the Barton a solid entry in our headboard lineup.

Blakely Headboard

The very essence of furniture modesty, the Blakely Headboard is ideal for the budget-minded and for the quality-focused alike. This piece is convertible to either full or queen bedframe sizes and is upholstered in a soft and welcoming fabric. Low in price, high in quality, and versatile across the board (so to speak), the Blakely is a top-notch piece deserving of consideration by even the most discerning of furniture shoppers.

Glamorous Contemporary

With its modestly stylish design and formidable construction, the Glamorous Contemporary is a perfect headboard for its time and place. Neither gaudy in appearance nor slight in its structural properties, the Glamorous Contemporary performs an eternal balancing act in providing both a charming visage and a durable headboard addition to your bedframe.

Magal Headboard

Consciously designed to resemble the regal outline of a monarch’s crown, the Magal Headboard exists to invoke a sense of majesty within the bedroom it inhabits. Along with this aristocratic element, the Magal also encases its padding within a soft, welcoming suede surface. Royal in its cut and smooth to the touch, the Magal is a brilliant addition to virtually any bedframe.

Upholstered King/Cali King Headboard

As far as well-designed bedroom furniture goes, the Upholstered King/Cali Headboard stands above many within its class. Living up to its name, this unit is generously upholstered in padded velvet (available in various colors) and features a bejeweled studding in the form of diamond button tufts. Between its camel-like hump shape and distinctively beautiful appearance, the King/Cali Headboard belongs in virtually bedroom furniture array.

Financing Options

Nader’s La Popular provides several financing options, which have benefited those patrons of ours who prefer installment plans to upfront purchases. This policy couples well with our commitment to fair prices and ongoing sales, both of which ensure customers are sure to conclude their shopping experience with a quality furniture piece and a largely intact bank balance.

The first of our financing options is credit based, requires 20% down, and is available to customers who complete an in-store application process. Nader’s La Popular also offers in-house financing (provided by Progressive) and, upon approval, takes the form of a prescribed payment plan, which will align with your payday schedule.

Finally, Synchrony Financial provides a dedicated line-of-credit purchasing pathway for Nader’s La Popular customers who prefer to establish an ongoing financing arrangement with their preferred furniture vendor. Payments can be handled monthly and approval is contingent upon agreement to complete payoff within six months’ time.

Whichever financing route best comports with your preference, we at Nader’s will gladly accommodate you throughout the application process.

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