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With sixty years of prosperous operation to its credit, Nader’s La Popular occupies a unique space within the larger South Bay, California business community. First opening its Gardena doors to the public in 1956, Nader’s La Popular has established itself as a gold standard for customer service, competitive pricing, breadth of inventory, and favorable shopping experiences. All things being equal, Nader’s has very much earned its reputation for trustworthiness, as its family-owned sensibilities have remarkably endured across the generations.

For that reason, above all others, Nader’s provides its customers with a sense of having stepped into another era altogether. An era in which honesty, courtesy, and family values mattered greatly, and in which treating one’s customers with supreme respect ranked as a foremost priority every given business day of every given week. Our customers may rest assured that these values, as established by founder Charles A. Nader, persist firmly into the present. A visit to any of our three South Bay showrooms will assure you of as much.

Our Vanity Sets

Known historically as either a lowboy or a dressing table, the vanity provides its user an ideal platform with which to manage the finer details of one’s dress and makeup routine. Commonly around waist high and equipped with a tall mirror, the vanity generally features one-two drawers and several sub-compartments within each drawer for the sensible arrangement of jewelry pieces, cosmetic implements, and any number of preparation items unique to a given individual’s routine.

As the vanity is not necessarily overly large in its dimensions, the piece is often situated within a bedroom. However, spacious bathrooms are also perfectly suitable environments in which to place a furniture piece of this sort.

Nader’s La Popular is proud to house high quality and well-designed vanity units within its inventory. Below is a glimpse at our offerings on that front. As always, we encourage you to visit a showroom for a closer look at the furniture presently stock.

Dutchess Vanity with Tri-Fold Mirror and Stool

Conceptualized as a bedroom embodiment of regality and prestige, the Dutchess Vanity with Tri-Fold Mirror and Stool is a crown jewel within its furniture category. Its appearance suggests Versailles ancestry, as a topcoat of platinum lacquer finish summons feelings of ancient royalty housed within fantastical settings. The Dutchess’ distinctive hardware is jewel-inspired through and through, while its framing is aggressively and consciously statuesque.

Molded corners and turned-bun feet support and contain an embarrassment of riches with respect to space, as the Dutchess is constructed with six drawers, each of which is rather sizable in its dimensions. Added to this is the Dutchess’ tri-fold mirror, which yields a terrific self-inventory format. Lastly, as this unit’s designers wouldn’t dream of withholding any of the necessities, the Dutchess includes a pleasant, four-legged stool, one which provides a terrifically comfortable seating surface.

Visit a Nader’s La Popular at your convenience and view the Dutchess Vanity with Tri-Fold Mirror and Stool in the flesh. It will certainly impress as only it can.

Iris Vanity Table & Stool

There is much to be said for simplicity, even when the concept is applied to a vanity furniture set. The Iris Vanity Table & Stool is indeed simple in its design and manufacture, though not to the point of detracting from the unit’s resulting appearance and quality. Each of this furniture category’s essential components is well-represented within the Iris unit, as the elegant little set includes a perfectly sized mirror, a lean table, and a stout stool ample of ample width and comfortable padding. A center drawer is situated perfectly for the accessing of one’s various cosmetics and application implements.

Variations of the Iris Vanity Table & Stool include: 1) the Espresso Finish, 2) the White Finish, and 3) the Espresso Finish with Faux Marble. The last of these variations features a marble-colored table top in contrast to the rich espresso finish which accounts for the unit’s frame, legs, and drawer.

Nader’s La Popular Within the Broader Community

Nader’s La Popular depends upon the South Bay, California community for its continued business success. This fact has never once been lost on the Nader family, not in recent years and not across its several generations of prosperous operation. In recognition of our truly special place within the South Bay, Nader’s is committed to giving charitably to several good and pure causes.

These include disadvantaged youth groups and (in honor of our founder, Charles, Sr.) the City of Hope cancer research division. So long as our doors remain open for business, we will continue to honor these commitments.

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