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Businesses come and go, that is the nature of the marketplace. But every now and again, a family-owned operation withstands the odds and endures across years, decades, even generations. Nader’s La Popular is just such a family-owned operation. Founded sixty years past, in 1956, Nader’s has created for itself a beloved niche within the South Bay, CA business community. This it has achieved by providing a valuable service to its cherished patrons, to say nothing for the first-rate and highly diverse inventory with which Nader’s La Popular reliably fills its showrooms.

Always a small business at heart, Nader’s La Popular has expanded its South Bay very measuredly in recent years. Three showrooms ensure community members are within easy driving distance of at least one Nader’s location, and an open warehouse provides a fourth option for our beloved patrons.

Our Bedroom Chests

Unlike many furniture pieces, bedroom chests possess a unique capacity to convey considerable meaning beyond their mere functionality. As storage pieces, a chest can provide spaces large and small with additional room for the housing of pillows, clothing, linens, and general bedding items.

Furthermore, chests are often divided either horizontally or via internal shelves to allow for the organized storing household goods, valuable items, or guestroom items that need not be in use on a routine basis. Regardless of your preferences and furniture needs, Nader’s La Popular maintains a large inventory of chests, ranging from the chic and tony to antiquated and hardy.

Allison Five Drawer Chest with Hidden Compartment

Classical and sturdy in its presentation, the Allison Five Drawer Chest is a remarkably good-looking piece of bedroom furniture that takes its design cues from a bygone era. Its considerable style aside, the Allison is also extremely well crafted. Hardwood solids combine with veneers to produce a stable chest capable of enduring years of sustained usage. The Allison also features a hidden storage space within its dresser for the placement of sensitive or personal items. A timeless pewter finish rounds out this splendid entry within our bedroom chest lineup.

Belle Rose Five Drawer Lift Top Chest

A stoic looking furniture unit, the Belle Rose Five Drawer Lift Top Chest is well-constructed and highly practical in its design. Ample drawer space allows for the storage of considerable clothing, jewelry, and important items, while a beveled mirror serves a vanity function which most will find to be routinely useful. Added to all of this is a felt lining which enriches the dresser, enhancing its feel and contributing to a sense of restrained classiness.

Emilie Chest

With its artful drawer arrangement, hardwood construction, hand-carved decorative pilasters, and brass-finished hardware componentry, the Emile Chest is a gem of a bedroom furniture piece. It is also affordably priced and comes complete with a rich English Tudor finish, making the Emilie a particularly budget-friendly, attractive unit.

Green Kitchen Trash Box

Designed to cleverly conceal kitchen wastebaskets, the Green Kitchen Trash Box serves a decidedly functional purpose while providing an artistic touch to any space it occupies. Most notable is the piece’s flat green finish, which suggests an element of age and natural wear. Low in price and distinctive in its style, the Green Kitchen Trash Box is a splendid addition to any kitchen setting.

Louis Phillip Five Drawer Chest

Providing its owner with generous storage capacity and a touch of refined class, the Louis Phillip Five Drawer Chest is a sizable, well-built, dresser-style chest designed with practicality and style very much in mind. At over 30” in width and standing 4’ in height, the Louis is medium-large in its dimensions, though not to the point of being space-intensive. It is available in black, cherry, and white versions.

Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

There are fundamental differences between a merely profitable business and a business that is profitable while also being good. Nader’s La Popular embodies that difference through and through. With six decades of successful operation to our credit, we have clearly been doing a few things right on the business front. But it is a commitment to doing good work for our customers that has most definitively allowed our furniture operation to endure across three generations.

Creating and sustaining a welcoming retail environment, populating our showrooms with excellent furniture pieces, and working to maintain an ease-of-transaction sales process—these are the cornerstones of our business model, a model which has left innumerable customers feeling pleased with their furniture shopping experience. Visit one of our three showrooms and acquaint firsthand with the Nader’s La Popular difference.

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