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Nader’s Furniture has been known for their fine furniture and accessories since 1956. It was then, that Charles A. Nader opened his furniture store in Gardena, California to serve customers in the Southern California. Since then, Nader’s Furniture has expanded to a nationwide business and has found loyal customers in countries worldwide.

Nader’s has reputation for fine quality and furnishings that last a long time. Because of this, customers keep coming back over and over again. In addition, Nader’s Furniture offers a low price for many of these items, that would be much more expensive in other fine furniture retail locations.

Nader’s Furniture Table Lamps Light Up Your Favorite Room

Nader’s Furniture offers the LA Popular line, which includes table lamps and other lighting options for your living room or other rooms. These fine table lamps are made with the exceptional craftsmanship and materials that you’ve come to expect from Nader’s Furniture.

Blue and Glass Table Lamp

The blue and glass table lamp is a great accent lamp that will attract attention in your home. Not only does it provide excellent lighting, but it’s a beautiful decor edition that will have people asking questions. This beautiful lamp features a fabric shade in a deep blue color, as well as a glass base that is sculpted in a pleasing design. This lamp fits perfectly in a room with other colorful pieces of furniture or accents. The blue and glass table lamp is approximately 16 inches in diameter and 30 inches tall, and priced under $100.

Crystal Table Lamp

Nader’s Furniture table lamps is proud to offer this Crystal Table Lamp that is perfect for making the right first impression. This beautiful lamp is elegant and made from 100% imported lead crystals. The shape of the lamp is in an oval and made of steel with dangling crystals inside the sphere. The base of this lamp is made with chrome steel and has a shiny, silver-polished finish. The dimensions of the crystal table lamp are approximately 16 inches wide by 28 inches tall.

Justine Table Lamp

The Justine Table Lamp by Nader’s Furniture is the perfect lamp for the budget minded customer. This lamp will look great in almost any room and is very versatile with its style and finishing. Even though this reasonably priced lamp is under $50, it features a contemporary style that is very pleasing.  This Nader’s Furniture table lamp offers a walnut colored cone, and Silver Base, and has a beautiful round white shade. There are dual light switches. The size of this lamp is approximately 28 inches tall.

Green and Glass Lamp

The Green and Glass Lamp from Nader’s Furniture is bound to catch your attention if you’re looking for table lamps in a natural color. This beautiful lamp looks like flowers in a vase and has a deep green lampshade color, as well as a clear crystal glass base. These two beautiful finishes look great together, and it’s sure to please you and your visitors or guests. This great Nader’s Furniture table lamp will look great in a living room or dining room, and even on a bedside table in the master suite. The lamp is approximately 16 inches in diameter and 34 inches tall and priced under $100.

French Press Lamp

The French Press Lamp by Nader’s Furniture is bound to put a little old world charm in your living room or bedroom. This beautiful lamp has a distinct French quality to it, which is bound to remind you of Paris. The lamp features an interesting dark bronze iron base, and a fashionable lampshade in ivory-colored fabric, adorned with French words. It’s a perfect conversation piece for a room where you’re going to entertain your friends. This lamp is 16 inches in diameter and approximately 28 inches tall.

Terri Table Lamp

The Terry Table Lamp is also another great lamp for the budget-minded customer priced under $50. This great multi-purpose lamp will look great in any room of your house or at the office. The lamp features a contemporary style in an espresso color, and a base with silver ends. The shade is a round white right fabric display. The Terry Table Lamp is approximately 30 inches in height.

These fashionable table lamps from Nader’s Furniture are just a sampling of all the other lamp styles you’ll find on our lamps page.  Nader’s Furniture is proud to be offering these quality and stylish lamps at a very reasonable price to our loyal customers.  Since 1956, Nader’s Furniture has served the community with excellent lamp and lighting options, and these lights will live up to your standards as well as they do ours.

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