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Nader’s Furniture has looked all over the globe for the right small accessories for their classic LaPopular Furniture line. Nader’s Furniture wants their pieces to go together perfectly, so they spend a lot of time looking for quality-made items with unique design elements. 

These small accessories represent the best that Nader’s Furniture could find for their LaPopular Furniture Small Accessories. There have been countless hours spent on perfecting the design and display elements to these pieces so that they look perfect for your home.

Nader’s Furniture Small Accessories for Your Design Flair

The best part of the small accessories from Nader’s Furniture is that they will look good in a casual room or in a more elegant environment. When Nader’s Furniture started their first store in Gardena, they wanted to provide the best furniture to their loyal customers.

Nader’s Furniture has been in business in this area of Southern California since 1956, and they stand behind the quality and design of their products.

Bling Cheval Mirror

The Bling Cheval Mirror is your classic wardrobe mirror with some extra special design features. This is a gorgeous studded full-length mirror that will have you looking your best. This mirror features antique silver studs, which adorn the complete black matte frame surrounding the mirror. You can hang this classic mirror on the wall, or place it in any room with its accompanying easel stand. Wherever you choose to put this mirror, it’s going add a look of elegance to the room. The Bling Cheval Mirror is priced below $100, and it is approximately 20 inches long by 18 inches wide by 60 inches high when on it easel stand.

Duchess Vanity with Tri-Fold Mirror and Stool

The Duchess Vanity with Tri-Fold Mirror and Stool is perfect for the princess in your life. This beautiful piece of furniture will have your bedroom looking like the royal bed chambers. It’s part of the Duchess bedroom collection which will add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. This beautiful piece of furniture is constructed with solid hardwood and has a beautiful preserving lacquer top finish. 

There are mirrored panel borders and hardware that is elegant and jewel-inspired. The door pieces feature side ball bearing drawer glides, which make them open and close smoothly. This vanity also includes a beautiful stool, so that someone may easily spend time seated in front of this beautiful vanity.

Fantasia Vanity with Tri View Mirror and Stool

The Fantasia Vanity and Tri View Mirror with Stool is one of the nicest pieces offered by Nader’s Furniture in the LaPopular collection. This beautiful vanity provides the ultimate experience while you are getting ready for the evening. There is a clear glass shelf and lots of drawers to hold all your makeup items and small accessories. There are also adjustable side wing panels that will allow you to view yourself in an optimal view. 

This beautiful vanity offers very fine construction and the finest materials Nader’s could find. The size of the vanity is approximately 64.5 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 73 inches tall and it includes a stool.

Shoe Cabinet and Storage

Whether you are looking for a place to store your finest stillettos or your high top sneakers, Nader’s Furniture has a solution for you. The shoe and storage cabinet from the LaPopular collection is the perfect solution if you love shoes. This shoe cabinet offers 5 levels of storage along with pullout drawers, so that you can see your best pairs.  The shoe cabinet is approximately 33 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 48 inches tall and comes in a coffee bean color. This cabinet is priced under $100 and can make an improvement in any shoe collection.

As part of the LaPopular collection from Nader’s Furniture, these small accessories bring out the accents in your other furniture pieces. These items range in a style from Modern to Retro and will add excellent accents to your living room, dining room, bedroom or study. These are also excellent pieces to use at your office to add a little more design flair to your workspace.

Nader’s Furniture continues to look for excellent accessories that will work with their famous furniture line. The small accessory items on this page meet our customers exacting standards and to live up to our reputation.

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