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Nader’s Furniture has gone out of their way to find excellent furnishings for your home. When Charles A. Nader started the company in 1956, he wanted to find excellent quality furniture and interior design products that were reasonably priced. The original store in Gardena, California, became the place for the community to find the best furniture choices.

Nader’s Furniture Room Dividers Look Great and Create Privacy

These excellent room screens are no exception to the rule. They will provide you with an excellent option to divide up room spaces, or create some privacy when needed. These quality Nader’s Furniture room screens are made from the finest materials we could find. They are made in a very precise and careful way so that they can last many years. The materials are selected in order to withstand use and light, so that they will not fade and deteriorate over time.

Montana 4 Panel Room Divider with Shelves

The Montana 4 Panel Room Divider with Shelves is one of the nicest room dividers that we found. It provides privacy or divides your room space in a stylish way. There are also 2 flat panel wood shelves that can be used for lightweight pictures or other decorative items. This 4-panel screen has a semi-transparent cloth that allows light to come through. The dimensions of the screen are approximately 59 inches long and 70 inches tall.

Griffin 3 Panel Room Divider – Charcoal

The Griffin 3 Panel Room Divider is another excellent choice from Nader’s Furniture for dividing up a room or creating a private space. This room divider feature solid panels that block out light. It comes in a charcoal colored finish. This piece’s accents include arch tops and a nail head trim which will match well with contemporary furniture. The size of the Griffin 3 Panel Room Divider is approximately 41 inches wide by 71 inches tall.

Oregon Brown Geometric 4 Panel Room Divider

The Oregon Brown Geometric 4 Panel Room Divider is another distinct look from Nader’s Furniture. This great room divider is solid and does not let light any through. It features a great accented brown geometric pattern to attract interest when a room divider is needed. The size of this room divider is approximately 65 inches wide by 70 inches tall. The price is under $70 and it can fit any budget for your housing needs.

Virginia Room Divider

The Virginia Room Divider is another example of a semi-transparent screen offered by Nader’s Furniture. This versatile screen can be used in a bedroom, living room, or other areas where you want to create privacy, but still let light in. This 3-panel screen has a rustic look with a wrought iron frame that extends from the floor to above the soft beige cloth panels. It’s a great contemporary look, or something more classic, if you need something to go with your antiques.

The light, airy color of this room divider is especially nice if you want to keep a room looking light and bright. The dimensions of this divider are approximately 59 inches wide by 72 inches tall.

Oregon Black Wicker 4 Panel Room Divider

The Oregon Black Wicker 4 Panel Room Divider is an excellent choice if you’re looking for privacy or want to create a real separation in a large room. This four-panel screen features 4 black wicker panels. The panels do not allow any light through, creating the ultimate privacy with a room divider. This room divider is priced under $70, and is approximately 65 and a half inches wide by 70 inches tall.

Nader’s Furniture has been providing home accessories to Southern California since 1956. They are proud to offer these privacy screens and panel room dividers for those looking for a excellent option to create space or privacy. These room screens are made with the best quality materials and design, as customers have come to expect from Nader’s Furniture.

When combined with other great looking pieces from Nader’s Furniture catalog, it’s easy to create your own style at a very reasonable budget. You can add these room dividers and privacy screens in your existing home to create more space for you or your family. They can also look great at the office if you’re trying to create a private workspace.

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