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When Mr. Nader opened the first Nader’s Furniture, he wanted to provide quality furniture and furniture care products to his customers. Since 1956, Nader’s Furniture has gained a worldwide reputation for quality furniture and furniture care products. 

Nader’s designs all their furniture in the LaPopular line with quality materials and woods to last you a lifetime. With proper care and cleaning, they can maintain their new look for many years to come.

Nader’s Furniture Care Product Make Your Investment Last Longer

Nader’s Furniture has selected furniture care products that will help you maintain the furniture that you have purchased from Nader’s Furniture LaPopular. These items have been hand-selected by Mr. Nader’s staff to be the best products to keep your furniture looking great. From fabric care protectors to leather care, these products will maintain your furniture in top condition for many years.

Guardsman Elite Protection Plan with Kit

Nader’s Furniture also offers the Guardsman Elite Furniture Protection Plan with kit, that will guarantee your furniture never needs anything. This protection plan includes repair to the furniture from accidental damage such as rips, tears, cuts, burns or other damage to fabrics and leather. 

Nader’s will also clean accidental stains that are caused from household items such as lipstick, inks, nail polish, cosmetics, and food and beverage stains. This furniture protection plan is available for $150 and offers stain or damage repair for five years.

Guardsman Fabric Protector – Aerosol

The Guardsman Fabric Protector in an aerosol can is the perfect furniture care product to use on high-traffic pieces of furniture from Nader’s LaPopular collection. This fabric protector can be used on just about any type of furniture material, from fabric to silk to nubuck and suede leathers. It will guard these fabrics from staining and other soiling and will also shield them from any stain damage.

This fabric protector goes on clear, so it’s not going to change the color of your material. It will create an invisible shield that will protect your furniture or other household materials from stains and damage.

Guardsman Filler Sticks

The Guardsmen Fillers Sticks are perfect for when you need to repair nail holes, gouges or deep scratches and keep your furniture looking like new. The unique material in these filler sticks won’t discolor, shrink, dry out, or fall out and will last as long as you need it to.

It’s easy to apply and clean up, and anyone can make small repairs on furniture using these filler sticks. They are colored to match the most popular furniture finishes at Nader’s Furniture, and the package offers five different colors and 1 sharpener.

Guardsman Leather Care Bundle: Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector

As a seller of fine leather furniture such as sofas and chairs, Nader’s Furniture is proud to offer the Guardsman Leather Care Bundle which includes leather cleaner and a leather protector in one pack. Together these products will form an invisible protection barrier on all your fine leather furniture. They will keep it from being damaged from premature aging or stains. When used regularly, these furniture care products will improve soil and stain resistance, and make for easier cleaning. 

When you apply these cleaners, they will not change the color or feel of your leather furniture. These products are balanced for the ultimate pH and alkaline-free combination, to keep leather feeling soft and great.

Guardsman Purifying Wood Cleaner

The Guardsman Purifying Wood Cleaner comes in a 12.5 ounce can and is an excellent way to maintain your quality furniture from Nader’s Furniture. This specially formulated product will remove household grime that accumulates on your wooden surfaces, including food, grease, and dirt. The unique formula can be easily sprayed and will wipe away any surface materials that might have collected on your fine wood furniture. You can also use the spray on other areas, like banisters, cabinets, kitchen tables, and other heavy-traffic wood surfaces.

Guardsman Stain and Odor Eliminator

Guardsman Stain and Odor Eliminator is perfect for that well-loved living room couch. This great spray will eliminate pet stains, pet odors, and other common household stains and odors. This uniquely formulated spray will remove many kinds of stains, such as blood, wine, coffee, and grease. The Guardsman Stain and Odor Eliminator comes in a trigger spray bottle and is approximately 36 ounces.

Guardsman Weather Protector

The Guardsman Weather Defense Protector comes in a spray. It’s perfect for outdoor furniture with vinyl upholstery that needs protection from year-round UV light from the sun. This spray will keep stains from soaking into the material and make it easier to clean up any kind of accident. It’s perfect when it’s applied to an outdoor furniture set, such as a table and chairs, or an outdoor recliner. The weather protector can be applied every 6 months to keep your outdoor furniture in optimal condition.

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