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Finding the perfect accessory for your home isn’t easy, but Nader’s Furniture has got you covered, and have found the perfect accessories for their classic La Popular furniture line. Nader’s Furniture buyers searched for items made with quality materials and craftsmanship that can offer their customers something special. The accessories presented here are some of the best accessories you will find for your dollar. The pieces also add additional flare to any room where you are looking to create a special atmosphere or mood with your furnishings.

Nader’s Furniture Has the Furniture Accessories You Are Looking For
Our customers will appreciate these accessories from Nader’s Furniture since they will look great in your living room or in a formal setting where appearances matter. You can choose the perfect furniture pieces from the La Popular collection and have them delivered to your home tomorrow. Back in 1956 when Nader’s Furniture set up their neighborhood furniture store in Gardena, California, they decided to focus on value and quality over making a big profit from lower quality accessories. Nader’s Furniture stands behind all their products with their guarantee of satisfaction, as Mr. Nader has always done.

Black Coat Rack
The black coat rack is the perfect solution for modern homes that lack a coat closet. This beautiful black coat rack is the perfect solution for storing your coats and looks elegant as well, with a tree-like appearance with branches. The coat rack has Branch like tears that are double and triple layered to allow you to put many coats and accessories on this track. This is an excellent piece for making use of limited space for storing coats and other jackets.

Angelina Table Lamp
The Angelina Table Lamp from Nader’s Furniture La Popular line is a modern, elegant, contemporary-style lamp that will look great in your living room or bedroom. This beautiful lamp features a black, round shade made of a semi-transparent fabric as well as a black circle base. The most noticeable accent of this lamp is the five chrome round pieces that are vertical through the base of the lamp. Additionally, this lamp is approximately 30 inches tall

Desktop Iron Stand for iPad and iPad2 – Black
Nader’s is proud to present the desktop iron stand for the iPad 1 and iPad 2. This is the perfect device if you use your iPad on a regular basis. The sturdy steel base is very stable and prevents the iPad from tipping over, even when you’re applying a lot of pressure to the iPad’s surface.
You can maneuver and tilt this steel base, either into landscape or portrait mode, and use unlimited tilting and rotation to adjust it to any angle you want. Another great feature of this iron stand is that it’s designed to allow wires pass through it discreetly, for a clean and modern look. It’s a comfortable stand that’s all so easy to put in your backpack. This stand is made in the USA and is approximately 9 inches long by 4.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall.

Rainfall Rectangular Table Lamp
The Rainfall Rectangular Table Lamp creates a beautiful look for your living room bedroom or office. This classic-looking lamp features two beautiful layers of crystals that will shine like the sunbeams, through drops of rain, when you turn them on. The lamp features a beautiful and sturdy chrome base. Additionally, the dimensions of this lamp are 15 inches wide by 27 inches high.

Rainfall Square Floor Lamp
The Rainfall Square Floor Lamp features three adjustable arms that have two beautiful crystal layers with a rainfall look accented by beautiful crystals. This floor lamp will make any room look elegant, as well as providing a great directional light source with the 3 adjustable arms. This lamp has three lighting options including single light, double light, and triple light option for optimum lighting settings.
Each lighting a square of this lamp measures 10 inches wide by 10 inches long. The lamp has a sturdy chrome paste that keeps it well situated. Finally, the size of the rainfall Square floor lamp is 72 inches wide by 82 inches tall.
The accessories buyers at Nader’s Furniture continue to look for the best items to go with their La Popular Furniture line. These accessories include lamps, mirrors, shelves, TV stands, coat racks and many other items that are very useful and practical for your household. As with all their quality products, Nader’s Furniture stands behind their accessories with their guarantee of quality. Nader’s Furniture will give back to the community in Los Angeles as they have for many years, providing donations services and jobs to the communities where they have showrooms.

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