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Herbal Fusion Memory Foam Pillow

Can you think of one thing that you spend an intimate eight hours with every single day? It’s your pillow! Your pillow is your best buddy every night when you get ready to (ideally) enjoy an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep, which also means that it has a great effect on the quality of sleep that you do get. There are so many different types of pillows available – you can choose different sizes, styles, fillings and coverings when looking for the best option for you. 

Your pillow is an essential item when it comes to achieving the best sleep possible and that’s because it’s there to support a healthy sleep posture, which is key to sleeping soundly and waking up in the morning without pain and stiffness. Good sleep posture happens when your body is completely aligned from the knees and hips, through your spine, chest and shoulders and all the way to your neck and head. If your pillow doesn’t provide sufficient support for your neck and shoulders it can throw your spine and whole body out of alignment, which leads to strain and discomfort as well as sleeplessness. The quality of your mattress is equally important when it comes to creating the ultimate support system for the best sleep ever, but in this blog, we’re specifically going to address pillow problems and solutions. 

Pick the Right Pillow

How do you know how to pick the right pillow – there’s so many to choose from and they all look and feel great! First thing’s first, you have to determine your sleep position type – do you prefer to sleep on your back, your side or on your stomach? If you prefer to sleep on your side you will want to look for a pillow that supports your head, shoulders and neck and you may also consider buying an additional pillow to place between your knees to maintain optimal spinal alignment. If you prefer to sleep on your back, then you will want a thinner pillow that doesn’t add stress on your neck. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, then you will want the thinnest pillow you can find so you can strive to keep your spine as straight as possible and limit stress on your lower back. Pillows are also available in specialty sizes and shapes if you have any additional needs or require more support than a standard pillow can provide. 

Stuff It Right

Pillow filling, the stuff that’s on the inside, has big implications for overall comfort and sleep quality. If you suffer from allergies you especially want to pay attention to the materials that make up your pillow filling and look for hypoallergenic options to limit the chances of irritation. There are a few options to choose from when exploring pillow stuffing:

Once you have selected the perfect pillow to bring home and into your bed, you’ll want to make sure you pair it with a natural, breathable fabric to cover and protect it against stains and sweat. You also have to take great care of your new pillow by following washing and cleaning instructions based on the type of materials the pillow is made from. If you’re looking to refresh your bedroom to optimize sleep, start with a new king bed, pair it with a comfortable mattress, the softest sheets you can find, the perfect pillow and get ready for the best sleep ever!

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