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It’s a really good thing that most people unconditionally love their pets, because they have a huge impact on our lives. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, one that most new owners underestimate when they are out looking for a furry friend to bring home. Pets leave a lasting paw print on our hearts, but they will also leave lasting marks on our carpets, scratch marks on our couches, bite marks on our furniture and endless hair on every surface in the home. Our pets will influence our decisions about where to live, our daily routines, if and when to travel, how we budget our income and so much more. 

Picking out furniture when you have pets in the home means that you need to look for pet-proof furniture that will hold up to their paws and claws, if you pick the wrong furniture it is likely to fall apart in a few short months and you’ll be out looking to buy something new real soon. Some of the most common ways that pets damage furniture include:

Now that you know the many different ways a furry friend could destroy your beautiful furniture and décor, it’s time to look up some pet-proof furniture ideas. Here are some tips and tricks for selecting beautiful furniture that will hold up to the damage and love your pets will undoubtedly bestow upon your home. 

If you still have your heart set on a beautiful couch that you know won’t hold up to your pet, then you’ll need to embrace pet proof furniture covers. A cover for your couch, chairs and other living room furniture is a great way to prevent furniture damage, and they’re also very easy to clean and wash if they get stained. Another option is to work with your vet or an expert trainer to discourage your pet from jumping on, clawing or biting your furniture. You can also designate a special area in the living room with a pet bed and train your pet that this space is just for them and that is where they are allowed to play, sleep and rest if they want to join you in the living room. For more pet-proof furniture ideas, please visit our showroom or contact our team. 

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