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Preparing to host guests overnight at your home, whether it’s for the holidays, a special occasion or just because, can be an exciting event to prepare for. The most important part of hosting friends and family is to make sure your guests will feel welcome and right at home. This means that as the host you need to anticipate their needs and questions before they get the chance to ask. Being a good host is all about the little, important details that will let your guests know that you are thinking of them, their needs and that you genuinely care about their comfort. If you are going to be hosting friends and family at your home, it’s important to prepare early so you don’t miss out on anything important and so your guests will feel welcomed. Take the time to prepare the guest room with extra pillows, blankets and any other necessities you think they will need and appreciate. Here are a few suggestions for quick projects you can complete in an hour or less that will make your guests feel welcome and earn you the title of “host with the most!” 

Prepare a House Manual

If you have guests who will be staying with you, even if it’s just for a weekend, it would be a really nice gesture to share your house “secrets” with them. This can include a spare key so they can come and go as they please, a little manual that shares useful information like the Wi-Fi password, alarm code, phone numbers and any other important details. You should also make sure the guest room is prepared in advance with little comforts that make a big impression, like water bottles, bath and hand towels, fragrant flowers, a jewelry tray, a spare phone charger and any other thoughtful details you can come up with. Your guest bathroom should also be stocked with basic necessities like toothpaste, mouthwash and extra toilet paper. If you really want to spoil your guests, then go ahead and splurge on a comfortable robe and slippers – that will really make them feel like a VIP at a luxury hotel! 

Put Together Guest Baskets

Pick out a cute decorative basket and fill it with personalized items you think your guests might need. This can include lotion, travel sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner, a homemade pillow mist, an issue of their favorite magazine or a new book you think they would appreciate and anything else that you can come up with. You can also include a personalized handwritten note welcoming them to your home. 

Create a Guest Room Mini Bar

If you have guests visiting from a different part of the country, or the world, they are bound to deal with a little bit of jetlag. When sleep is hard to come by there is nothing better than having access to delicious, unlimited snacks, especially at night! Give your guests the luxury hotel treatment by putting together a little tray stocked with salty snacks, delicious sweets, fresh and dried fruit, tiny bottles of liquor and refreshments. 

Set-Up a Coffee Station 

People rise at different times in the morning, and if your guests happen to be early birds you want to make sure that their needs are met without you having to get out of bed before the sun rises. Or, if you have to jet off to work before your guests wake, then you want to make sure that their morning caffeine needs are met. Dedicate a little corner in the kitchen as a coffee and tea station by adding an electric kettle, a little tray with sugar, a tea and coffee selection, milk/creamer and a little note card explaining how to prepare coffee. You can also go the extra mile and eave out a plate with pastries and baked goods to complement the morning beverage. 

Hosting friends and family at your home can be stressful, but if you are prepared ahead of time you will enjoy the company and they will appreciate all of your effort. A guest room needs to be decluttered, organized and outfitted with necessities like a comfortable bed, nightstands, a dresser and basic décor to make the room feel cozy. You can also include decorative accents and accessories in the room as well as soft linens, an attractive bedspread, colorful pillows and extra soft blankets to complete the look. We invite you to visit our showrooms and explore our incredible selection of furniture, décor and accessories for every room in your home. 

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