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The classic farmhouse décor style is more popular than ever and features comfy, cozy accents and is full of charm. While modern trends are still very dominant, farmhouse style is for people who are looking to blend tradition and modern aesthetics and to surround themselves with things that evoke positive feelings. Classic farmhouse style brings feelings of warmth and comfort – it makes you want to put your feet up, lean back and relax for a bit. We love farmhouse style because it gives you the freedom to mix comfortable furniture with eye-catching materials like reclaimed wood, unique antiques and it brings the whole room together without feeling too cluttered. 

Some people may confuse farmhouse style with country, but there is a big difference between the two – country style décor is kitschier and more crowded, whereas farmhouse is sophisticated, clean and somewhat minimalist. The most common elements used in farmhouse style design and décor includes reclaimed wood, pine furniture, wrought iron accents, wide plank floors, vintage and antique accessories, big and comfortable furniture, barn details, salvaged materials, neutral color palettes and a big combination of different woods and metals. 

Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect farmhouse style look in your home:

Farmhouse style has actually been around for decades, but the modern take on this design style has quickly gained popularity and can be seen across nearly every HGTV show. Farmhouse style for the home, for furniture and for design elements is mainly inspired by local materials. This style embraces rustic finishes while promoting feelings of warmth and comfort, which makes it incredibly popular and people all over are embracing it and bringing it into their homes. For more design inspiration and to find the perfect farmhouse style décor and furniture for your home visit one of our showrooms! We would love to help you bring your vision to life and help you transform your home into a modern, rustic farmhouse haven where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the comfort of your home. 

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